"Benjamin Summers your here late as usual" he sighed "Sorry Mrs. Kane football" all the girls giggled..Mr. Kane just looked pissed "Marissa SanClaire?" the red headed girl next to me said "Here" in a little voice my jaw dropped SanClaire? had my parents had a daughter? "Clarissa SanClaire?" then at that moment i looked petrified did she just say Clarissa SanClaire....I'm Clarissa SanClaire, they are my age meaning that my father must have had a affair..they look more like him than my mother...my mind was spinning in circles "Clarie Roberts?" i mean how could my dad name another daughter Clarissa?! "Ms. Clarie Roberts?" i heard my name and bolted upright "here" 

after roll call we were paired with groups for some "learning excercise" how lame schools these days, they never teach you anything important..I got paired up with both SanClaires how great maybe we can show sisterly love...God this is annoying.

Marissa looked shy and quite, but she spoke very faintly "So your new? where are you from?" i looked her over with what would seem a mean stare but it was just a i don't want to be here look "New York city" i said casually as i doodled into my notebook "That's cool!" i nodded in agreement but then Clarissa spoke "Why did you come here it's such a move for someone in the big city" i could tell instantly that Clarissa and i weren't going to get along we were one in the same the queen bee..

i plastered a fake smile on my face and said "My parents died and they left me a small house here with my brother" she didn't look the least bit shocked god what a ^^!@* but little Marissa gasped "I'm so sorry for your loss it must be hard to do such a move" i nodded..I didn't like Clarissa not only because she had my name but because she was smerk and brief so i decided to punch a jab at the family or well Clarissa because i know that in my mind that what i would say would be a punch in the face to her i don't really want hurt Marissa she's a sweetie but to hurt Clarissa is something else.."So the only scandal i heard about this town was some little girl drowning in a pool, that's pretty intense i heard that her ghost still lingers" Marissa and Clarissas faces paled jack pot they are related to me great...half sisters. Clarissa almost looked angry she grabbed her bag and ran out of the room, Marissa looked scared "I'm sorry my sister is sensitive about that" i looked "shocked" or well the best shocked face i could muster "Ohh my i'm sorry but why so?" Marissa was about to share a nice tidbit with me "Well the girl who died was our half sister, Clarissa resents the fact that her name is also Clarissa...We never met Clarissa but she loved by my dad and his ex wife" i almost gasped in astonishment "Ex-Wife?" she seemed surprised at my reaction so i came up with a quick save "Ohhh my former aunt knew Clarissa as a child and said she spoke highly of her parents marriage, Sorry"

She inhaled and then exhaled a large breath "Yeah my dad and her were great together he really loved her very much and she loved him but a couple of years after the accident she found out about us, and she divorced him and he married my mom Anne weird huh?" i felt pissed at her almost like i wish she hadn't been born..

The bell rang then, "uhh well it' been nice talking to you Marissa but i have to head off to class so i'll see ya around" i gave her a smile so  bright that she smiled big..

I headed off to the gym and i saw Pete tons of girls where staring at him like a piece of meat..he loved it but over course he was gay, I hugged Pete from behind and he turned around to give me a hug "Hey Sis how's it going?" i wanted to say horrible but that'd be bad i just giggled and then whispered "I have two half sisters one hates me the other is a dork" he looked shocked "I know right! But i'll catch you later" 

On my way to the gym i saw the football team on the field, there i saw him again Bennie my sweet Bennie..Then as if he knew i was staring he turned around and stared back at me then he got hit in the head with a football i quickly brisked off to the gym..When i got to the gym i saw the cliques the Dorks,Jocks, Preps, Cheerleaders and of course the queens of the school lead by none other than Clarissa SanClaire..she was wearing a sports bra showing off her abs and her body she did  have a nice body but i had a better one..I went into the locker room and when i was just about to strip down when i was greeted by Marissa "Hi Clarie i didn't know you had gym" she was cute i liked her.."Yeah i do" just to make sure that i got the point across to all the girls that i am infact talking to a dork i unhooked my bra and showed my assets..everyone stared at me and my midriff i

put on a sports bra and some spandex pants and headed out i could tell Marissa liked my confidence..when i went out into the gym the whole room stared nobody looked at Clarie anymore and the football team was just walking in and Pete was actually wearing gear hanging out with the guys how weird of a sight, the entire team went to a hault and Pete slammed into a guy he looked around to see what they were staring at..the guys started whistling and he then saw me...a guy yelled "Hey Sexy thing" i didn't even blush i just walked over to the courts...Pete then said loudly to the boys "Dude that's my sister!" 

But Ben didn't look at me like a piece of meat he looked at me differently he saw something that sparked his interest he looked pale and shocked...something really scared him he looked at me like he'd just seen a ghost..

The End

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