Weary Lie PART 2Mature

When we got to the school, he parked a little distance away from it and got out "come on we'll be late" this i didn't like playing the i'm not rich part but it'll have to due, when we walked up to the school we got a lot of stares again i have to say our blonde hair and blue eye is a problem sometimes but we can't helping being gorgeous Pete especially he was handsomer than most boys.

When we walked into the school we headed straight for the front desk "Roberts?" the woman said she was a gangly woman not very handsome at all, "yes" she smiled and handed us our class schedules this was sorta exciting "So what'd you get?" 

"Uhhh i got"

First Hour - AP Trig

Second Hour - Sports

Third Hour - English

Fourth Hour - AP Chemistry 

Fifth Hour - AP History

Sixth Hour - Languages

Seventh Hour - Study Period

"Woah you got three of my classes, What a smart little sister i have" and he patted me on the head like a dog which i hate i give him my best hauty i hate you look "You two better get to class" he gave me a peck on the cheek and headed off to his way..On my way to AP English  i noticed some people staring it was just getting old now didn't they see that i'm like so 30 minutes ago? when i walked into the classroom i went to the back of the room and sat down next to a pettie girl with red hair and big blue Crystal eyes and next too her sat a girl with Black hair and blue eyes similar to the girl next to her their sisters you can tell.

When the teacher came in and class started and she was calling off role someone knocked on the door and she opened it and i saw him, my heart stopped beating for a moment i couldn't breathe i got recognize those green eyes and shaggy brown hair anywhere "Bennie" i whispered when he saw me his eyes widened in shock he stumbled for a moment and then shock off the effect and then came back my way he was walking back next to me! he sat down next to the seat were i was he looked shocked and a little bit curious but he didn't farther more say anything.

The End

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