Weary Lie Part 1Mature

When we landed it seemed like a eternity since i've been in this town i felt almost ashmatic.."Claire are you okay?" Pete snapped me out of my dellusion of just pure agony and memory "Uhh yeah" he looked quite weary of me even though this was our cover it made me feel a bit uneasy "Clarie, Pete! Sweeties how are you?" I could recegonize that sugary accent from anywhere Viva..."Aunt Lisa!" i quickly ran to her and gave her a hug even though this was very much out of the usual for her I couldn't say i didn't like it..."How was flight?" which was in her own words code for "You better keep your cover idiots or you'll be seeing a lot of the office" which is sweet and nice but mildly annoying..."It was great"

i smiled at her and the guards and people gawked at us, honestly i wouldn't be surprised i mean when do you usually see such stunning people in a sleepy town like Menia? like never. Pete and i got our bags and followed "aunt Lisa" to the car which was a nice Ford escape it was cute not the usual for Viva but it would do...during the car ride we talked about the weather and the good shopping spots we acted like any normal family would but those words had codes we were really talking about how we will go about our cover and how we will act we had established earlier that we would be the teen that didn't want anyone knowing about our wealth and we would just blend in and not show off to much the usual..It's funny because i had been a senior when i was 9 and i'm official at a Dr. in many things for my age which isn't unusual for us cover ops it's our job.


When we arrived in the quaint little town i saw all the shops and they're little food places and a cute little coffee shop, as we were driving up to a drive you could see the massive house atop the hill and the beautiful lake that was surrounded by it..People dreamed of having they're dream wedding there but i had the ultimate dream i lived there and i would be saying for a while, Pete whistled "Wow that's pretty big" i nodded my head in agreement.

When we got out of the ford we were greeted by servants they bowed and said hello i was surprised at this fact i thought that we were the only ones in the house..I looked at Viva with a puzzled look she would answer my questions when we got inside, as i opened the door i took in the size of the home and it's beauty from the foyer..Pete looked almost bored i looked at him puzzled but then i remembered Pete who's name is actually Pier was actually from a wealthy family himself he was quite well off when he got "killed"

"Follow me upstairs" we followed Viva the stairs and we walked into a very large room she looked around closed the door then started talking normally "As for your question about outsiders" i nodded..."well we need them or else it'll seem odd that you two live in such a massive house without maids, they are the gossips they get the story out remember that your home is also your cover" Pete snorted "So we're lying every single moment of our lives?" i couldn't help but agree he was right..."Yes i have to be off now so take care my dears don't @&*! this up"

I smiled at her comment "Yes Ma'm" she smiled at me "It's mom to you"she left and we were left to fend for ourselves with tons of maids...I went downstairs and greeted everyone but i went straight to the kitchen and was greeted by "MARK!" i almost fell over and started laughing he looked at me with a grim look "I'm sorry what madam?" i forgot about the cover for a moment "Uhh Hi i'm Clarie Roberts, do you think you can whip me up something?" he smiled gently and winked "Let me guess you love strawberry shortcake?" i giggled i loved Mark he was my instructor the 9 years of my life "Yes please" i sat there and looked out the window and Pete came in "hey wanna go check out some sites?" I shook my head no and just blankly stared outside, "here is your cake madam" i grinned: boy he really did fix amazing cake he wasn't kidding when he said he'd be a chef instead.

"Hey Mark what's it like here?" he looked concerned now "it's different you'll see tomorrow" i ate my cake and headed upstairs i opened the door to what i think was my bedroom, it was huge with open windows and a view worth dying for the curtains were a pink lush silk and the floor was wood everything about the room screamed princess fairytale i plopped on my bed and just dozed off.

The next morning i heard a loud buzzing noise go off "Beep Beep Beep Beeep Beep" god that noise was annoying what the hell was it then i heard my door slam open "Oh my god Clarie get the ^%** out of bed!" it was Pete shouting..Then i felt like i was on air followed by a thud and a bang "What the hell?!" i yelled then realized that i was pulled on the floor, Pete looked at me with annoyed eyes and then pointed at his watch "School, come on get ready" i quickly got up and pushed Pete out of my room i jumped in the shower and then quickly out put some jeans on a cute top and some converse grabbed my bag and headed out the door Pete met me outside he was leaning by a black BMW Suv..."Hop in" of course he'd drive stingy.

The End

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