Impossible DoomMature

 of course he had to give me his Yes Clara of course look, I threw my pillow at him "nerd" he fell off the bed "Of course who else would love you like me" we laughed but then the room had a serious tone to it "That's your orginal name..Will you be okay with this i mean going back" he was right it was hard for me-- "Its a mission Pete regardless i still have to do it no matter the emotion" he looked puzzled "On a side note did you know that the house and clothes come off our paycheck?" i almost fell over and died when i heard that "whaaatttt?! that's like 100 years worth my paycheck!" he seriously started laughing then almost crying "You do realize that we get more than Boss jokes about right?" -- "We do?? What?" again he looked at me like he was about to burst out laughing "We make more than Bill Gate Clara" i seriously lost it then "are you serious?" woah how neat! 


"JOHNSON! ROBERTS! REPORT NOW!" we heard the intercom blast through my room "Jesus you'd think she'd get tired of that" we laughed and then we were on our way too the one place that till this day gives me shivers.

The End

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