Borders PastMature

Boarders past

I woke up groggy and tired but i was awake..where was i? why am i here? where is mommy and daddy? "Clarissa Marie SanClaire, Five years old" standing there was a stunning woman with blonde hair and brown eyes.."Clarissa your name is no longer Clarissa its Claire Elizabeth Roberts, Welcome to your new life" and with that i started a journey.



"Claire Roberts..Report to AI head quarters" i heard the loud name on the speakers and realized that was in fact my name and that they wanted me in the head quarters, Great not only do i have a pounding headache but i have too go talk to the "boss" god he is such a dapper on my mood wonder what it'll be this time? the new routine or maybe the fact that i hacked the system..I got up put my uniform on and some shoes and quickly but hastily ran to the head quarters, when i arrived Vivia promptly yelled her usual comand "Roberts you have a mission" What did she just say? did she just utter the words that i thought she'd never say? that i have a mission i wasn't a field op i was a high specialized OP for big operations not simple ones.

"And that would be?" i said in a meak voice.."your going to Menia, Virgina" i almost lost it then Menia Vrigina as in the place that i was taken away from as a child? "WHAT!? why!?" she sighed "Your the best OP we have and the only one that can take on such a challenge, the Russian Merows are shipping and selling high entilized weopons to Menia and they are planning a attack we need you to neaturalize the attack but to do this you have to go cover OP to Menia High as a new student from New york city" it was hard not joking back tears of the memories of being a young girl and playing there at the park but this was my duty.."Yes Ma'm, I'll get ready"

She shook her head in approval, she was the mother that i in fact never really got to have..though she was stern and mean sometimes she was caring and kind and loved me with unconditional love and spoiled me with toys.

As i was walking back i saw Pete.."Hey Pete! wait up" he turned around and gave me his 100 watt smile "Hey what's up Clara" Pete was the only one that called me Clara for he knew my real name and decided that Clara fits better because it's neither my real name or my fake name.."I got a OP..I'm excited" Pete wrinkled his nose "Ohh i know you got a OP i'll be one of the new kids also" i pratically stopped walking and breathing for a moment "Wait your going on a OP with me?" he smiled "Meet Peter Johnson your brother" i grinned a grin so big that you'd think i was mental..You see Pete is like my brother i've known him since i was 6 years old he was my best friend and of course some might think we're "dating" but truth is he's gay..he likes guys even though his blonde hair and blue eyes are very attractive to girls its guys that get him hot and flustered.."Huh it suits us well don't ya think?" he laughed but then turned around and said "I'll see you later sis" i couldn't help but smile.

When i got back to the room i started packing some shoes and clothes a few pictures, but then i realized why am i packing? it's a cover op the clothes is provided by the agency boy did i feel stupid i guess it was the stress of having to go back to the roots that i had to leave so arubtly, i needed to shower i went into the large bathroom and turned on the faucet and stripped down..The shower felt nice but ever so often i'd turn the water to cold just to remember that day, then i heard a knocking on the door "Clara hurry up" it was Pete "Come in i'm in the shower you can sit on the bed" i heard the door open and petes steal toed boots clank in. I turned off the faucet and stepped out and looked at myself in the mirror for the first time in a long time..My eyes were wide open showing my crystal blue eyes color my body lean and toned and tanned my blonde hair sweaping back dripping when the outside worlds see's me they see a stunning girl but when the inside world that i live see's me they see a killer. I was a killer.

"Hey can you hand me that towel over there?" He said sure and willing obliged and threw me my favorite Pink towel "Thanks, so what's our cover?" he sighed and plopped down on the bed "Claire Roberts 17 years old Junior; Peter Roberts 18 years old Senior...Aura Drive 45th avenue" I stop to ponder this for a while i remember that house, i remember passing it with Bennie and everytime we'd stare and marvel at the houses layout the pool the gardens the house it was the most expenive house in that town topping over 3.8 million dollars it was more than pretty it was breath taking "Wait so are we playing snoby teens with no misrule?" Pete snort at that idea..."Hun we play who ever we want, as for my opinion we'll be playing the teens who hid they're wealth from everyone because they want to be normal" i giggled at this "So we're playing this misunderstood role?"

The End

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