Through my eyes (Spy)Mature

Clairissa SanClair; 5 years old. TOD: 4:30 DATE: October 15th
WPOI Entrance date - October 5th Rename: Clarie Roberts 5 years old
Clarie Roberts is no ordinary 17 year old teen, She's a spy.
This time she will have to go back to the one place that she thought she'd never go. BACK HOME. Or the home she got ripped away from years ago, She meets new love, news friends, Love triangles, Jealously and death. She can only hope this ends well..

First off i have to say before i start writing that this is sorta my first time sorry for the misspelled words and what not...This is just a draft kind of a new idea i have.



"Bennie over here!" i remember shouting those simple words to him to the one boy that i would always trust, it was simple then five year olds playing outside in the snow making snowmen without a care in the world, I was a simple little girl who knew nothing of the world besides her ponies and tea parties everything was simple until that day, until the day that i fell into the pool with the plastic cover..It was never the same after that but the story before that is what starts the story after it.

That day was different, i was at the park with Bennie we played on the swings as usual...But every so often from the glimpse of my eye i saw a man in a black suit talking on the phone or reading a paper...Wheni walked back home the hands those cold bare hands touched my skin and i heard the words that would haunt me for the rest of my life "I'm sorry Clarissa bear but it's for the best" that heavy accent Bennies mom Margret..her cold hands skimmed my neck caressing the veins along my jaw then the most horrible pain she shot me..with a needle the pain was horrible but i felt sleepy.

I woke up to screaming "Michael! Michael! hurry please hurry! our babygirl!" it was my mom she was screaming why was she screaming? why was crying? Mama it's okay don't cry, "Michael please!" i heard foot steps running up and a gasp, then i felt warm hands around me grabbing me for dear life..I felt plastic and water around me it was cold..why was it so cold? "Baby Girl please hang on we're almost there" i heard my father practically yell at me in my ear..Daddy you don't have to yell i can hear you..I can hear you. Then it was like someone beating my chest, I felt my fathers hand pounding on my heart breathing into me, Why was he does this? i'm awake! every chest pound or compression hurt i wanted to scream.

I then heard Bennie; "she's over here please help her! she's my best friend!" Bennies little sweet voice echoed through the area, Bennie i'm here! i'm awake tell them!

Then i heard other voices, men one then said "clear" and then i felt the most unbearable pain like a shock through my body, this was repeated twice..Then i heard my mother scream "Nooooo! not my baby girl god please no don't take her away from me my only baby please!" and with that the big man said "Time of death 4:05 PM December 20th 2000" then i felt my body being enveloped in a plastic bag my mother was crying hysterically and my father too..but i wanted them to realize that i was there! they just needed to wake me up..Again i heard Bennies voice over anyone elses "can i say bye?" i heard a sigh and a zipper.

"I love you, I'll  never forget you Clarissa remember me and be sure to watch over me and Juju" with that he gave me a kiss on the cheek a good bye kiss. It was truly over my five year old life had ended. I was loaded into the ambulance but then something happened that i didn't expect "Clarissa i know you can hear me, your still alive..we gave you a shot so you'd be dead of seemingly so dead, you'll understand when you get to head quarters" after that i just fell asleep it was all i could do.

The End

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