Leave me alone!Mature

Her faded amber eyes flashed angrily at me and I couldn't help but smile. She hated that word, more than anything else I could call her. 
     "I only wanted to stop by and see how you were doing" The faked innocence in her voice only made me hate her more. I mean, we both knew she was here for a reason but could she ever tell me what it was? Of course not! That would be far too easy. 
    "Cut the crap Abigail, I'm seriously not in the mood for it tonight. Now, you woke me up when you know I have work in the morning, tell me what you want or I'll make you go away."
    "Fine" She sighs, dramatically rolling her eyes. "I need you to deliver a message. From the other side." 
    "Yay, I get to be the town freak again. Who's it for this time?" I throw my towel on the floor and head back to my bed.
   "It's for your grandma again, so don't be so dramatic. At least she enjoys this gift of yours."
   "This is not a gift! It's a fucking curse!" I have check my volume to ensure not waking my parents up. 
   "Whatever you want to call it, it's your job. Her mother just wanted to remind her to brush her teeth again. See? No biggie" She holds up her hands and shrugs. Even thought I know it won't do anything, i throw one of my pillows at her. It just flies right through her. 
   "Yeah, I'll deal with that tomorrow." I roll over, hoping to get a couple more hours before I have to be awake. 
   "Goodnight Hunter." I grunt in reply, already falling asleep.

The End

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