The searing pain behind my eyes snaps me awake. I roll over in my bed, my hands clutching my head, trying to stop what little brains I have from spilling out. I don't cry out, I never do. When I was younger I did, but then my parents took me to a doctor. That quickly lead to the end of the screaming. Just when I think I'm about to pass out from the pain it slowly subsides. 
   Panting, I throw the covers back and sit on the edge of my bed. When my breath returns, I slowly rise and make my way over to the en suite. I splash cold water onto my face and look at my reflection in the mirror. An acne-scarred pale face with sunken eyes stares back. I look more tired each time this happens. Not taking my eyes off the strange face, I reach over and grab my towel. I dry my face off, not wanting to look back in the mirror, I know what will be there.
     "What do you want this time?" My eyes are closed, not wanting to face Her.
     "Oh Hunter, darling, no need to sound so mean" The melodic voice drifts over to me, making me shiver.
     "I'll stop being mean when you stop being a bitch." 

My name's Hunter Blake, I'm 19 years old, have a full time job in a warehouse, have a small group of friends. Yeah, I lead a pretty normal life, aside from the fact that I have a sadistic, manipulative ghost called Abigail attached to me.

The End

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