Through my eyes

Isadora cannot remeber her childhood and when she meets a boy caspian who is mystreious in may way, yet he looks to familur to be coisendence..... yet she does not know she is the most powerfull being in the night world and caspian is actualy a vampire and theprince of darkness willl be she be able to cope when her memorys come flooding back

So this what people see when they look at me, a small fragile girl long wavy dark brown hair, grey like eyes unless I get mad  people say they  glow red which I doubt.  I have pale skin and red lips  not the sort of girl you find glamour magazines or A list. I'm more the invisable type the one no-one notices unless they want something or someone wants to have a go at I mean what can I do back? 

I live at home with my mum  Caroline she's nothing like me, she's tall ready brown hair and loved my everyone. Dad doesnt live with us he left when i was five.

"Isadora you are going to be late for school now get a move on" Mum shouts from down stairs, great time for school. As I walk down stairs I get over powered by the smell of burning insense , you see my Mums for the whole laid back approach to life. She was sitting in the living room sipping honey and lemon tea. As I slipped into the kitchen, I found out that my mother had made me my lunch. I grab it put in my bag slip out into the cold day.

The End

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