Christmas eve

Now remember I'm going to be telling you this like I'm my dog so please don't get confused or anything :)

Ahhhh mum mum OUCH ow mum help!!! "It's alright," said mum "This, I think is going to be your owner." What I yelped I don't want an owner, I want to stay with you!"
"It's just what happens, goodbye son." "Ok mum bye." I'm so excited I've got a new owner but I'm going to miss my family, suddenly I get put in a box with bars I think mum said it was a cage I'm not sure she didn't tell me everything I need to know but she taught me the basics,  but now I'm getting into this weird thing that people move around in really fast and it scares me, I feel sad that I'm away from family, it feels like a piece of my heart has been pulled out. We have stopped now and she's carrying me into my new home but I'm starting to feel sick from all the rocking, it feels like my world is spinning.

Hi guys it's me Amber again I'm going to do this a couple of times just to tell you the details so you don't get confused or anything, so right now I'm, or really not me my dog is with my older sister not his owner and we are not at my new home we are just at her house for the night. Oh and my sisters name is Emily she's 21. I also have a little sister called Lilly who's 7 a mum called Rebecca a dad called Mickey and a cat called Disco.



The End

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