Through It All

Dear Lord,

Through it all-
you held my heart in your hands.
Through my rises and my falls-
you re-taught me how to stand.
Now I'm lovin' every moment
that I get to praise your name-
Lovin' you for who you are-
Lovin' every moment that you keep us sane.
And for a reason as simple as this:
You loved us first, you gave us life.
Returning the love, as strong as we can-
It's only proper, it feels so right.
Lord please give us our daily bread-
it's more than we deserve.
Teach us how to praise your name-
and how to put time on reserve.
Through it all-
You held our lives in your hands.
Let us rise, let us fall-
All according to your plans.

We surrender... AMEN.

The End

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