Portal of Life

Kyzarel had entered the portal and found himself encompassed by blue light.  It had a vibrant energy.  He seemed to be hovering amid this energetic blue light.  Yet he also seemed to be moving forward at great speed. Though visually nothing changed except the apparition of light also appeared again in this zone. 

She said: "I am now able to speak to you more freely here than I could before.  My name is Fay Talia.  I am a living being in a living realm.  But I make myself seen to you as an apparition as it is currently my only way of reaching you". 

Kyzarel said: "Where am I now?"

Fay Talia replied: "You have entered a zone of transitioning.  Your soul will be revived in a completely new body.  But instead of being born as an infant child, I have arranged for you to enter a world were you will be already formed corporeally as a young adult.  Though in terms of time, you will not be older than a new born child". 

"What about Maytaras?" asked Kyzarel. 

Fay Talia replied: "Damn Maytaras! I say Damn him! We have clearly defied him by doing this.  Better off free of him than to serve him and his sinister intentions. I will make sure you can remember all that we are discussing now, when you are "born" so to speak.  And as far back as the point just after Maytaras made you lose your memory of the past life". 

"Maytaras did this to me?  What happened in my past life?"  asked Kyzarel. 

Fay Talia said: "I knew you would ask.  I can give you flashes of key moments that were important to you.  You will soon be among the living.  Before you are re-embodied, I can give you these flashes, if you desire". 

"Yes, I do", said Kyzarel. 

The memories came suddenly as quick yet vivid flashes in Kyzarel's mind.  He remembered being first wounded then killed by a Hynaru called Zefestus.  Then he remembered about the earlier declaration by Zefestus about the Day of Announcement.  Also of finding the jewelled sword and presenting it to Zefestus.  Kyzarel remembered how Zefestus accused Kyzarel before stripping him of his immortality, enabling Zefestus to kill him. 

Kyzarel caught glimpses of memory of each of the 7 Elite with the memory that came to him last being of Axunya. 

Then he remembered some earlier times which had been key points of happiness, in which he saw the the final image of these flashes.  The smile of Axunya when they had laughed together before. 

Suddenly Kyzarel felt a transition.  He called out, "Axunya!"

The End

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