Apparition of Light

The soul of Kyzarel was now residing in the dominion of Maytaras, anticipating orders from him, in order to obtain passage to a new life. 

Kyzarel felt that he did not want to stay long in this Underworld.  He still had hardship trying to recall his old life among the living.  Just as he would seem to come close to remembering something significant, intense agony would be felt in his skull.  And all was lost.  Forgotten. 

His whole life was somehow forgetten.  As if lost back in that abyss of darkness where he had felt himself falling. 

This made him feel he should at very least begin a new life.  So he can experience what it means to be alive.  Re-embodied, renewed, revived, and relieved of torment. 

Kyzarel wandered the various parts of the Underworld of Maytaras.  Yet he felt lost and confused in it.  It was a sea of darkness, where he was making no progress finding his way around.  Yet he was compelled to search anyway. 

After some wandering a spark of light appeared before him.  This spark was much, much brighter than the dim light of Maytaras.  However, this time Kyzarel was not struck by pain from the light.  It was intensely bright but pleasant at the same time.  Kyzarel continued to look at the spark of light.  A glowing apparition appeared to him.  It was of a female being that stood before him with an outstretched hand. 

She said, "Beware...!" 

Kyzarel leaned forward and tried to grasp her hand but she was gone.  Still, Kyzarel was compelled to take some more steps forward.  Suddenly she appeared again. 

This time she said, "Escape...!" before vanishing again. 

She appeared again and said, "Follow me to freedom" 

Then she would dissapear and reappear in flashes leading Kyzarel further and further.  Now Kyzarel had progressed to a part of the dominion of Maytaras that he couldn't find on his own. 

But, suddenly Kyzarel noticed that there were many guards in this new part of the Underworld.  He was not noticed yet, but could easily be caught in the next few moments. 

"Use stealth" said the apparition.  "I'll guide you". 

She appeared by a rock behind a guard that was looking in a different direction. 

Kyzarel, quickly but stealthily, rushed to her.  Then she vanished and appeared again by another rock in a higher position where there were very few guards that were all on lower ground not able to see so high up. 

Again Kyzarel approached her position. 

She pointed ahead to a small gap.  Kyzarel looked but saw that it only lead to a small chamber, with no apparent exit point expect backwards again. There was a glowing blue orb in that chamber. 

"Smash the orb" said the apparition, while nodding reassuringly. 

Kyzarel went ahead into the chamber.  He felt a slight hesitation while doing so, but his actions were as though there was no hesitation at all, as he hurriedly smashed the orb with his fist. 

Suddenly a blue portal opened up where the orb had been. 

The female apparition of light appeared next to the portal.  She gestured towards it and said just one word. 


The End

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