Abyss of Darkness

The pain.  The darkness not fading away.  A sense of falling and of spiraling down, down, down... In an unending nightmare.  An abyss of agonising torment.  Screams going unheard.  The dark void causing extreme despair.  

Then, an unusual sense.  Something was felt all of a sudden.  A sensation in the desperation of need.  A need to overcome the nauseousness.  Seemingly never-ending.  

The feeling was strange.  A sense of needing help.  Wanting to call out.  To reach.  To escape.  To be free.  To take flight.  To experience light.  And to feel the sensations of comfort once more.  

"Help me..."  

Then these words... "Help me awaken from this abyss of darkness..."  

Some moments later he felt a crashing thud onto what seemed to be solid ground.  The sounds echoed hurting his ears and head.  

There was a stench... of something unfamiliar.  An odor he previously never knew existed, coming from the surroundings.  

Then, a partial blurry glow began to emerge in the distance ahead.  Despite the fact that the light was dim, and the surroundings gloomy, it struck his eyes with such ferocity as if it had been extremely bright and sharp.  

A figure with a dull appearance, appeared ahead in the distant dim glow.  The figure spoke in a deep, broad tone.  He proclaimed loudly, as his words echoed, saying:  

"I am Maytaras.  God and Ruler of the Underworld.  You, have forgotten, after all these ages, who you were.  You are the dead soul of the one called Kyzarel.  You used to be one of the Hynaru, in your life in the living realm.  

I have heard your prayer.  I have saved you from never-ending suffering.  Your soul belongs to me now.  Do as I say, and I shall consider granting you passage to a new life.  However, I expect you to fulfill your destiny".  

"What is my destiny?" asked Kyzarel, feeling disorientated.  

"You must obey me".  

The End

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