Kyzarel's Ambition

Kyzarel raised his wings and then took flight up towards the sky. Getting far above the ground, he could see the ocean off the coast shimmering with moonlight from the 3 moons. He flew past the coast and speedily continued his flight above the ocean.

"I need to find something other than what we are used to", he thought. "A special discovery. Something of importance and awe. That way I'll have achieved something distinct. Something that will make me stand out among the rest. And earn me the title of the Hero of Hynaru".

After some time flying that night, he arrived at a small island. The island had a cave covering most of the island itself. There entrance to the cave was pitch black but emitted small amounts of light at intervals.

Intrigued, Kyzarel went into the cave. "Perhaps, what I've been looking for... but I must be quick.  It will be dawn soon".    


The sun had risen and soon Zefestus the Supreme Overseer would declare who would become the Hero of Hynaru. For it was the Day of Announcement.

The 7 Elite were to gather in the Palace of Power before Zefestus, who would declare who had been successful.

5 of the Elite were seen standing before Zefestus who was seated on his Throne of Supremacy.

The two that were missing were Shadahar and Kyzarel.

"Where is Shadahar?", demanded Zefestus.

"Right here", came a voice. Then a moment later Shadahar became visible where he spoke from.

"And what about Kyzarel?, demanded Zefestus again, but louder.

"Right here, too", said Kyzarel, as he strode casually into the Throne Room of the Palace of Power, and stood before Zefestus, smiling, with a sense of pride.

"We are ready then!", said Zefestus, "We shall begin. Today is the Day of Announcement. One of you will become Hero of Hynaru. The one that I will choose is the one that has proven most worthy..."

The 7 Elite waited in eager anticipation for the result.

"Kyzarel!", said Zefestus.

Kyzarel's smile turned to an enormous grin.

Zefestus continued, "I'll start with you. What have you done Kyzarel, to prove yourself worthy?"

"Huh?", said Kyzarel, his grin fading. He though to himself, "For a moment I thought he had chosen me".

Zefestus asked, "Why should I choose you?"

Kyzarel smiled again, and said "I have done something that no-one else has done. I have done more than the other members of the Elite. I have retrieved a unique and amazing object of magnificence".

"Where is this object, dear Kyzarel?" asked Zefestus.

Kyzarel stepped forward towards Zefestus. He lifted one wing and took out an object with his hand from under the wing. It was a shining sword made with rare and precious metals and decorated with jewels. It began emitting light at intervals. Kyzarel offered the sword to Zefestus.

Zefestus took the sword. He stood up from his throne and stepped round Kyzarel so as to be behind him. Zefestus faced the other members of the Elite, and said, "Kyzarel has trespassed onto territory that is not his. Has stolen what is not his. And now has the foolishness to defy me while expecting to be rewarded!"

Kyzarel frowned in confusion. Shocked he turned his head to look back at Zefestus.

Suddeny Zefestus, sliced the sword against Kyzarel's legs just behind his knees, causing him to fall into a kneeling position before the Throne of Supremacy. Then he pierced through one wing of Kyzarel followed by his other wing.

Zefestus declared, "For his crimes, I Zefestus The Supreme Overseer of The Elite and Judge of all Hynaru, declare Kyzarel a traitor and stripped of his immortality"

All of a sudden Zefestus thrust the bloodied sword straight through the back of Kyzarel and out through his chest.

Then Zefestus took out the sword and sat back on the Throne of Supremcy with the sword on his lap and Kyzarel fatally wounded in front of him.

Zefustus whispered to Kyzarel, "Welcome to your death!"

Kyzarel fell flat at  Zefestus's feet, dead.  

The End

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