To Prove Worthy

The 7 Elite were all waiting in great anticipation. For the day that one of them would become selected by Zefestus. Each was hopefull, for they had a lot to be proud for. Then one night all of a sudden a wide, bright beam of light sprung out of the ground and reached far up to the heavens.

This was witnessed by everyone in the world of the Hynaru. The image of Zefestus floating just above the ground, appeared in the beam of light.

He declared, in a voice that was heard by all Hynaru, "I am Zefestus The Supreme Overseer of The Elite and Judge of all Hynaru! I declare that the Day of Announcement is imminent! The Day of Announcement will be this coming morning. The Elite will have to prove themselves worthy for the title of Hero of Hynaru, for ages to come. Only one can be chosen. Soon that hero will be selected by me. How the Elite choose to prove themselves, I leave up to them to decide. The final judgement, rests with me".

The image faded away, followed by the beam of light receeding till it was as if it had not appeared. Yet everyone new what had happened. The Day of Announcement was imminent.

It was up to the 7 Elite to figure out how to prove themselves worthy in time for the morning.

Tenarus and Valdonar began to compete with each other in a physical duel. To see who was superior. Tenarus charged at Valdonar to strike him with his horns. Valdonar used his large claws to grab a hold of the horns, while digging his feet in the ground to absorb some of the shock of the charge. Then Valdonar tried to claw at Tenarus, who used his horns to strike knock away the clawing attack. The battle of these two Elite continued through the night, with neither tiring, but both seeming about equally matched. Each anticipating the oppurtunity to get an advantage over the other and prove worthy of the title of Hero of Hynaru.

Meanwhile, Hefenal and Shadahar seemed to be involved in some sort of competion against each other using their wits. A battle of minds.

Gormud was alone in his task. He decided he would use his physical power to produce a building of magnificence. One that would impress Zefestus enough to choose him as Hero of Hynaru. He took varous stones, rocks, logs, pieces of metal, and glass, among other objects, and crushed and smashed, and placed them in different ways to lay out his building.

Kyzarel was aware that Tenarus, Valdonar, Hefenal, Shadahar and Gormud were busy. However he wondered were Axunya was since the declaration by Zefestus. Kyzarel had grown fond of Axunya, and was ready to tell her just before, Zefestus made the declaration about the Announcement taking place this morning. But Axunya had dissappeared. And there was little time for Kyzarel fulfill his ambition for greatness.

The End

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