Immortal Beings

"They lived as kings. Each and every one of them", it was said.

"They lived as kings.  Each and every one of them", it was said.  Although the word king was not known in that age.  Yet, somehow, they were like royalty, with such majesty that many kings later couldn't dream about.  They were more than kings.  They were immortal. 

These beings were called the Hynaru. 

Overtime, the Hynaru felt the desire for hierachy, to organise them.  A group of "Elite" was selected, through a vote by all Hynaru.  8 of the best and most powerful were selected. 

Some time later these Elite decided among themselves that there should be one selected from among the Elite, to become the Overseer of the decisions made.  They selected an Overseer to be the one to make final judgement in case the other 7  Elite were in any disagreement over an issue. 

Soon the Overseer whose name was Zefestus, declared that his full name and title was Zefestus The Supreme Overseer of The Elite and Judge of all Hynaru. 

He had the "Throne of Supremecy" in the "Palace of Power". 

The rest of the 7 Elite each  had a "Throne of Status".  

The other Hynaru all had amazing Thrones.  However there were distinguishable differences between the Throne of a typical Hynaru and the 7 Elite, and even more so for the Throne of Zefestus.  

The names of the 7 Elite were, Tenarus (who had striking horns), Valdonar (who had large claws), Hefenal (with ghost-like ability), Gormud (the large and powerful one), Shadahar (who could turn invisible),  Axunya (The only female in the Elite),  Kyzarel (who had wings that gave him flight). 

For time unknown, these beings, the Hynaru, lived in peace and harmony. More than that, they felt greatness and glory.  True worth in their immortal lives.  In fact, it was said that there existence was like a kind of Paradise realm. 

One day, Zefestus The Supreme Overseer , called the 7 Elite to his Palace and declared that a day will come when he would select one of them to be appointed for a special rank.  A rank of true greatness, unmatched.  This Hynaru, would be a hero to all Hynaru for ages to come.  Then, Zefestus, decalred that when the "Day of Announcement" would draw near, he would send a distinct sign that the day was imminent. 

The End

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