A nurse opened the door and a young man, in his early twenties took of his hat and smiled at the nurse. She bowed while he walked in and headed towards the bed closest to the window.

Kei: Nozomi-chan.
Nozomi: Hm...?

Nozomi, in her late teens, looked at Kei and then smiled fondly.

Kei: The doctor told me you'll be getting your legs in no time.
Nozomi: That's good. How long has it been?
Kei: Three years? Four? Still trying to remember, it seems.

Nozomi looked out the window and saw birds singing their morning song. She slowly turned back to Kei.

Nozomi: It's hard to believe it's really a dream, you know.

Kei patted her hand, smiled, and walked out of the room. He saw another person about the same age as him sitting on the bench right outside Nozomi's room.

Kei: Youko, cheer up, alright? It's already been about three years.

Youko looked up and gave a tiny smirk.

Youko: True, but still think it's my fault. She didn't have to do that for me.
Kei: Well, I guess she already knew that we'd be together. Girls really have sharp instincts.

A young girl ran through the hospital hallway and a younger girl with her hair in pigtails was trying to catch her. She stopped when she saw Youko and Kei and then giggled.

Youko: I can't thank you enough either, Hanabi.
Hanabi: It was Kei's last wish. Sorry, I was unable to actually save her whole.

The three were silent for a second.

Kei: You said what she did was forbidden.
Hanabi: It is forbidden.
Youko: I didn't expect her to actually do that.
Hanabi: Most people don't, but think about the good side about this.

Hanabi: You and Nozomi are still alive. And I get to become number one!!
Kei: I'm glad you still have your spunk after all that trouble, Hanabi.
Hanabi: But really, that seemed to be all luck.
Youko: Luck?
Hanabi: Nevermind, let's just be glad she's still alive.
Kei: She won't be able to get her memory nor can she walk anymore though. If her brother ever found out about this, he might be in pain.
Hanabi: Don't worry, I'll fix this up!!
Youko: You can't just use your magic when your master doesn't tell you to.
Hanabi: True but it doesn't matter.

A man walked into the room where Nozomi was. A few seconds later, he called Hanabi in.

Hanabi: I'll come in soon. Wait a moment.
Youko: And who's that?
Hanabi: That's Taiki. Kisaragi Taiki.
Kei: Wait...Nozomi's brother!? She hasn't seen him for years. She won't even know who he is!
Hanabi: I took a long time to go find him, you know!  She'll be fine in no time, just like you said Kei. And she will remember. I didn't have enough magic last time, but now I am juiced! Come on, let's go!
Kei: Miracles do happen, huh?
Youko: Yep...this really is a miracle.

The End

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