Her Last Wish

Nozomi was lying on the ground staring at the ceiling. She rubbed her head and looked at the table leg in front of her eyes. She remembered she bumped her head and woke up confused. Her phone vibrated again and she picked it up to see who was calling: Suzuhara Kei.

Nozomi: H-hello?
Kei: Hey. What's up?
Nozomi: I don't feel so well to go to school today.
Kei: Ah, okay. You want me to tell the teacher?
Nozomi: Please.
Kei: Alright. I'll talk to you later. The bell just rang.

Nozomi hung up and looked at her phone. Youko opened the door and put down a bag of grocery on the table.

Youko: Finally up?
Nozomi: Uh...yeah.
Youko: I'm glad.

Nozomi sat up, still in her pajamas and saw Youko in the clothes she made him wear when she first met him. He scratched behind head, and looked at Nozomi before turning away.

Youko: Your breakfast is in the bag. Thought I'd go grocery shopping for you today.
Nozomi: Oh, thanks.
Youko: Yeah...
Nozomi: Youko.

Youko turned around and turned back into his demon-self with his fox ears and tail. His ears wiggled a bit and looked at Nozomi.

Nozomi: Is there something you need to tell me?
Youko: About?
Nozomi: About what has been going on. Kei told me you were going to have to leave soon.
Youko: That doesn't have to happen, you know.

He scratched behind his head again and tried to look away, avoiding the topic.

Nozomi: I don't want you to leave either, Youko. But I don't want you not see you ever again.
Youko: Like I said, don't worry. You have one more wish left, so use it anytime you need to.
Nozomi: Yes, but I think it be best to use it now, but I don't know what to wish for.

Youko looked at Nozomi, his face showing a small crack of sadness. Nozomi looked down, not knowing what to choose. Youko got up and then put his arms around Nozomi and his head on her shoulders. She slowly brought her hand up to feel his soft white silky hair.

Youko: Just wish for you and Kei to be together. Ever since I first met you, I know you loved Suzuhara Kei. It's hard to escape the fact that I can't be with you anyways.

Nozomi turned around quite surprised and Youko smiled cheerfully. He put his hands on Nozomi's shoulders and then sighed.

Youko: Just make your wish. Since I don't want to die and not be able to see you again. I'm sure you know what is going on, right?
Nozomi: Yeah. Okay, I'll make my wish!
Youko: Go for it!

"I wish for you to stay by my side. Not as a demon, or some wish maker, but as a friend."

The End

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