Nozomi: So...what did you want to talk about, Kei?

Nozomi and Kei were outside of the near empty school and the two were leaning on the wall beside the school gate.

Kei: Youko.
Nozomi: You mean You-kun?
Kei: Yes...why are you hiding things from me?
Nozomi: I-I am not hiding anything!
Kei: You are!

Nozomi looked at Kei's calm but serious face. She pouted and turned away from him.

Nozomi: So what? I have a secret! It's not a bad thing at all.
Kei: He hasn't done anything to you yet, right?
Nozomi: Huh?
Kei: You know...

Kei looked away while his face turned pink.

Kei: Affectionate stuff.

Nozomi couldn't help but start laughing. Kei looked back and her and gave a small smile.

Kei: It's not even funny.
Nozomi: He would never do that, Kei!
Kei: No, seriously. It's not funny.
Nozomi: But I'm also telling the truth. He won't ever do that. What's with the sudden worry anyways?

Kei stared at Nozomi being cheery for awhile. He sighed and told her that he remembered everything that had happened when Youko made him forget his memories. He spoke about Hanabi and her healing powers of wishing.

Kei: Not only that, Hanabi has known Youko for a long time. I'm sure she's not lying.

Kei was about to put his hand on Nozomi's shoulder, but she quickly slinked back. She covered her ears and shook her head, not wanting to hear everything she just did.

Nozomi: It's not true! He wouldn't do that! She's only lying to you! And you don't remember anything! It's just a dream, only a dream...because...because in reality---
Kei: Wishes really do come true.

Kei grabbed onto Nozomi's arm and she tried to pull herself out. She wasn't crying, but her voice was shaking and about to crack.

Kei: I'm not trying to scare you, Nozomi-chan! They are demons, and they have immense powers that we both know that we cannot fight back! I had to tell you all of this because I need you to listen to my message!
Nozomi: I don't want to listen!
Kei: If you want Youko to survive, then you have to listen!!

Nozomi stopped trying to get out of Kei's grasp and looked up at Kei with watery eyes.

Nozomi: What's going to happen to Youko!?
Kei: Don't tell him anything alright? It might make the situation worse.
Nozomi: You cannot tell me what to do!
Kei: Just listen, will you!? Youko has been gone far too long from the other world. Youko and Hanabi know the rules of their world and how strict they are about it! If you don't grant your third wish soon, Youko will die!!
Nozomi: Stop lying to me!
Kei: Don't you see it? His powers are slowly being drained from being in our world for too long. Since I got my memories back, Youko is having harder time to work through all the things he wants to do for you without granting you the wish! Hanabi told me that granting wishes is how they survive!
Nozomi: This is superstition! Now let me go!

Kei let go of Nozomi and she took two steps back to regain her balance. She was catching her breath from fighting back and fighting.

Nozomi: I don't believe it. I just can't believe it. It feels like Youko has been there longer than my brother have! He's like a family member to me!! You can't just take him away!
Kei: Nozomi-chan, please. Would you rather be guilty because you're the one who killed him or would you wish you can see him again someday?
Nozomi: I...I just don't know. My hands already feel bloody ever since we were saved by him from that truck.

Kei sighed and then held onto Nozomi's hands tightly. He smiled at Nozomi. His hands cooled down Nozomi's warm hands and her attitude.

Kei: I'm only looking out for you. I am sure you don't want Youko to leave, but sometimes, we got to let things go. It's hard.

Nozomi was silent for awhile since her face was bright red from Kei holding her hands.

Nozomi: Y-yeah...
Kei: Can you promise not to tell Youko though?
Nozomi: Okay...
Kei: And please, don't push yourself too hard to think of a wish.

Kei fussed with Nozomi's hair and then walked past her. He smiled and then walked off cheerily.

Kei: Talk to you later, Nozomi-chan.

The End

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