The Game of Chase

Kei: Hey, Nozomi.
Nozomi: What's up?

Nozomi took out a notebook and closed her locker gently. Kei was standing right next to her. He was scratching his head and his face looked pale.

Kei: I...I want to talk to you after school.
Nozomi: About what? Not that I'm busy or anything.
Kei: It's about Youko.

Nozomi stared at Kei with widened eyes. She never told Kei Youko's full name. Only You-kun. She was about to speak, but the bell rang. Kei turned away from Nozomi and went to his class.


Youko was sitting on the same bench he sat when he first came to the human world. He he first found out about Tsukikumo being in the human world. Instead of being in his yukata, the days were getting cold and Nozomi insisted him to start wearing something warmer. He looked up at the great clear blue sky and before he was able to drift off, Hanabi got in Youko's way.

Youko: Hanabi, what are you doing here?

Hanabi slapped both her hand on Youko's cheeks. Youko instantly sprang up afterwards and was holding onto one side, though both sidse were throbbing.

Youko: What the hell was that for!?
Hanabi: Everything!! You're so out of place!!
Youko: W-what? You're out of place! You first slap me when we just meet and then you start shouting!!
Hanabi: It's about Kei and Nozomi! You lied to him! You lied to her! Now, you're lying to yourself!!
Youko: If it's about those memories, it was for his own good! And how am I lying to myself? You know nothing about me!
Hanabi: Oh, I know one thing. But we'll see where this goes between you and Nozomi.
Youko: What?
Hanabi: Don't blank out on me. I know the truth. You know Nozomi likes Kei and---
Youko: I don't want to talk about it.
Hanabi: Again, out of place from you.You're the only one who's been gone from the academy the longest right now. Everything is easily brought back and forth and to the next person, but you have stayed her for...for how long?
Youko: I don't even pay attention...two moons? Three?
Hanabi: That's too much. Why won't you just ask Nozomi to use up her last wish?
Youko: Well, that's her choice.

Hanabi sighed and the wind blew when there was silence. Hanabi sat on the bench and she patted the seat to let Youko take a seat.

Hanabi: We've been doing this work since the academy has started. Really, I always held back because I fear the use of being able to grant any wishes. So, I know a lot about you. And you know a lot about me.
Youko: ...Yeah.
Hanabi: And I know you would never safe anyone even if it was your master. You always just wanted to go back to the academy and relax. You did your job, but this time you're giving it all to protect Nozomi-chan at all cost and finish her wishes.

Hanabi gazed at the trees and the sky, back and forth. She turned to Youko and smiled, which made Youko blush a bit.

Hanabi: I'm guessing you have f---
Youko: As I said before, I don't want to talk about it.

Hanabi sighed once again.

Hanabi: Well, I just have a message from the academy that they wanted to give you before I left to look after Kei-kun.
Youko: What is it?
Hanabi: They say don't stay too close to humans, or you might lose who you are.
Youko: Huh?
Hanabi: You're so out of it, seriously! I guess I have to spoon-feed everything. Really, they just say finish your job and come back. You've already made a lot of trouble for them.
Youko: I'm not going to lose myself.
Hanabi: Alright, you might not lose yourself, but what if you lost Nozomi?

Youko's slanted yellow eyes glared at Hanabi. She grinned and then clapped her hands.

Youko: You. Wouldn't.
Hanabi: Well, we'll see who will be the one caught then.

The End

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