Full Moon

Kei: Oh, there you are.

Hanabi was looking out in the balcony, outside of Kei's room. Her blue eyes stared at the moon and then turned towards Kei, who walked next to her.

Kei: A full moon.
Hanabi: Before I joined the academy, I was a moon rabbit making medicine.
Kei: I thought moon rabbits made mochi.
Hanabi: I took a Japanese name when I entered the academy, you see. It's kind of confusing...
Kei: 'Hana' means 'flower' and the 'bi' stands for...
Hanabi: Bunny.

The conversation ended and Hanabi looked up at the moon again. Her eyes seemed to glow when she looked over at Kei.

Hanabi: Huh?
Kei: What?
Hanabi: I...hm...wait.
Kei: Wait?
Hanabi: You-kun...he didn't...let's see. Since my powers are strongest at night, let me help you remember.
Kei: Remember...?

Hanabi pushed her hands towards Kei's chest. Hanabi's energy went through Kei's body and he instantly fell down onto the ground from the pressure. Hanabi knelt down and helped Kei get back up.

Hanabi: Sorry for the pain, but...it seems you had a lot of things lost in your mind...
Kei: W-Who...who was he...? He just seems so...You-kun.

Kei looked up at Hanabi while had a sad face and nodded. He helped Kei, who was catching his breathe, get up.

Hanabi: Nozomi-chan is also a contracter.
Kei: But how did you...were able to---?
Hanabi: I'm a healer. I heal everything, even forgotten memories.
Kei: T-Thanks a lot. I don't know what to do now...since it feels like I have been lied to all along.
Hanabi: It can't be helped. He's one of the strongest...genie, or demon, one might day...in the academy. But this is really out of pocket...

Kei's head ached once again and he held into his chest. Hanabi put her hand on his chest and a small glow came from her palm. Kei sighed and was breaking sweats.

Hanabi: I'm sorry if this is too much.
Kei: No...I just saw the murder of one of my classmates happen before my eyes in my mind. It's really is unbearable. I wonder how Nozomi was feeling after that, since she was there with me that time. But what were saying again?
Hanabi: It just seems that Youko is out of pocket this time...I can't seem to put it out though. I need...I need to surpass him.
Kei: What's with you and him anyways? You seemed conflicted when you saw him pass by to go back to Nozomi's home.
Hanabi: Haha, that's confidential!!

The End

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