Nozomi: Hey, you! Snap out of it!!

Nozomi was snapping her fingers in front of Youko who seemed to have been daydreaming for awhile. Youko rubbed his eyes and looked at Nozomi's confused face.

Nozomi: What's up?
Youko: Don't
Nozomi: Helloooo? It's the afternoon!! You've been like this for weeks...

Youko stretched his arms and then looked around the house again. It was just Nozomi's apartment. He stared at the window to the door and back.

Youko: Ugh...I don't know. It just feels like, I should not be here.
Nozomi: What do you mean?
Youko: I've been here too long. The human world.
Nozomi: THE human world?

Nozomi knelt down in front of Youko while Youko was putting his hand over his face. Youko nodded and glanced at Nozomi before covering his face again.

Youko: Yes, THE human world. I come from the other world where demons reside...remember?
Nozomi: No, I remember that. But just THE human world?
Youko: What the hell do you want?
Nozomi: Haha, you've changed since you came here. I was sure you were going to say 'filthy' in front of human world. What's up anyways?
Youko: ...I don't know.
Nozomi: Well, start talking about what's in your mind. I'm sure the anxiety will go away soon.
Youko:  No.
Nozomi: Seriously, I'm worried. What's going on? This started happening after I just got sick for a day!!
Youko: Nothing! I just...need more rest. I just can't seem to put the piece together.

Nozomi fumbled with her fingers and then looked at the Youko again. A single tear rolled down from his face and he lunged forward towards Nozomi, holding her close. A bit shocked, Nozomi put her arms around Youko and patted his back.

Nozomi: If you need to talk about your troubles, I'm still here, Youko-kun.

The End

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