The Healer

Hanabi: Hellooooo!!

A girl who was in an elementary school uniform knocked on the door of Nozomi's apartment. Kei opened the door and the young girl jumped into the room making a thumping sound. Her hazel hair was in pigtails and reached down to her hips. Her sea-blue eyes glittered when she saw the small home. Hanabi looked around and saw Nozomi sleeping in blankets.

Hanabi: Oooh, is that her, Kei-san?
Kei: Yeah, care to heal her?
Hanabi: Mmm, that would be one wish then!
Kei: R-really, well it's going to be my first wish, so it'll be o---
Hanabi: Was someone here awhile ago?
Kei: Huh? Yeah, Nozomi's friend went out for a walk...

Hanabi rubbed her head with hand and twirled a pigtail with the other. She smiled and nodded. She put her hands over Nozomi's sleeping face and a dim red glow came from her hand. The light slowly disappeared and Hanabi clapped gleefully afterward.

Hanabi: All done! Just let her get some rest now, Kei-san.
Kei: That counted as a wish then?
Hanabi: Ah, no, I'll just let it slide for now.
Kei: So...what are you anyways? People don't just pop out of boses, you see...
Hanabi: Well, I cannot really call myself a demon, or an angel. Wish maker will do.
Kei: Uhm, okay, but it's just strange to think that something like a wish maker would come out of a box, like a genie.
Hanabi: No, no, no, don't get us mixed with genies!! We're from the other side of the world. I cannot really say it since it's confidential, but it's something like the world of the dead and...or mystical beings.

Kei had a blank face. Hanabi sighed and scratched her head.

Hanabi: A-Anyways, there are different types of us, and we are, er, assigned to a box once we join this academy. Specific people can join the academy, but it's super important to go by the rules!!
Kei: I see...
Hanabi: Yup! And we pass classes by getting chosen and granting wishes for the people who opened the box. I'm nearly able to grant three wishes for anyone after three healing wishes from you!
Kei: What?
Hanabi: Well you know that I can only do healing magic, or grant you life, healing, whatever, you get it, right?
Kei: Yes...
Hanabi: Well after I grant more wishes, I am able to grant more than just healing powers! Like anything!! I've been waiting for so long!

Kei smiled and then looked over at Nozomi, who was sleeping quietly. He then turned towards the window and saw the sun setting.

Kei: We should leave now. My parents would be worried.
Hanabi: Nozomi-chan will be just fine, so you don't need to fret.
Kei: That's good.

Kei opened the door and Hanabi skipped out and hopped down the stairs. Kei was walking down right behind and the two saw Youko open the gate to the apartment. Hanabi looked at Youko with shocked eyes. Youko looked at Hanabi for awhile before walking pass by her.

Kei: Hey there You-kun!
Youko: Good evening, Kei-kun. Is that your friend who helped heal Nozomi-chan?
Kei: Hehe, yeah. Her name is Hanabi-chan.

Youko turned his head to Hanabi and nodded. He patted Kei's back before walking up the stairs and opening the door to Nozomi's home.

Youko: See you later someday. And it's good to see you, Hanabi.
Hanabi: R-right. Talk to you later then!!

Hanabi sprinted away and Kei ran to catch up to her. Youko slammed the door and slid down to the ground.

Youko: Good to see you, again, Hanabi...

The End

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