Flower Rabbit

Youko sat up from his futon and looked out the window where the sun was blaring brightly. He rubbed his eyes for awhile and then looked towards a sleeping Nozomi on the table and Kei walking into the room.

Kei: Oh, you're awake! I'm glad.

Youko jumped a bit and then touched his hair where his ears used to be. He sighed and then remembered he changed into a human before he fainted. He looked at Nozomi for awhile before Kei picked her up and put her in a futon on the opposite side of Youko.

Youko: Why are you here?
Kei: I just woke up and found myself sleeping in her home. Kind of strange right? Haha!
Youko: Yeah, but you could have went back home.
Kei: But I didn't want to leave you two alone.
Youko: Huh?
Kei: I told Junichiro to call my parents that I was sleeping over at his house. No worries.
Youko: But today is a school day...

Kei smiled and then shrugged. Youko tilted his head on the side, wondering what Kei was up to.

Kei: Well I don't remember that much that happened, but I came back to Nozomi's house after going to the park and there was this huge storm before we got back here. She told me to stay with her until the storm died down, but I guess I fell asleep before that happened.

Youko nodded, but he remembered everything that had happened. Nozomi, Itoe, and Kei came back from the park and they brought to him a young girl who was Nekooni in one of her many forms. Not wanting to just let the problem end where Nekooni had to be brought back to the other side, he used most of his powers to stop the transfer and transformed Nekooni into a simple black house cat. Afterwards, he used the last bit of his magic to change into a human, knowing he won't be able to return Kei. He bit his lips a bit for being reckless.Nozomi suddenly got out of the futon and fumbled towards the kitchen. She was about to topple over, but Youko got out of bed and grabbed her in time before she fell.

Youko: Hey, you alright?
Nozomi: I'm fine...

Nozomi started sniffling and she gave a loud sneeze. She rubbed her nose, pushed Youko out of the way, and then headed towards the bathroom.

Kei: Is she alright?
Youko: I think she's ill.
Kei: With a fever or something?
Youko: I don't know, but---
Kei: I'll call my friend over to heal her.
Youko: Heal?
Kei: Yeah, don't tell Nozomi though. I'll just tell you then. I got this neat little trinket box while just walking around with Junichiro few days ago. I opened it and inside was this rabbit named Hanabi who said she came from the moon. Sounds rather stupid, right?
Youko: No, I believe you.
Kei: Really? You're the first person I told, but I didn't expect you to believe me. But that's good! I can go ask her to come by and help me.

Youko nodded and then turned away from him. He didn't know what emotion he was feeling. Guilty, afraid, curious, nervous, anxious, it was suddenly all bottled up inside of him.

The End

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