Another Side: Mission 01

After half an hour, Nozomi and Kei were walking and catching their breathes. Kei gestured Nozomi towards a bench to sit down and rest, but Itoe shouted for her.

Itoe: Nozomi-chan!
Nozomi: Itoe-chan!
Itoe: You got to help me, please!!

Junichiro was right behind Itoe and was carrying a young girl in purple overalls. They were also out of breathe from trying to find Nozomi and Kei.

Itoe: I need your friend...
Nozomi: Kei?
Itoe: N-no! Your friend...I cannot say it or...

Nozomi snapped instantly and hastily made Kei help carry the girl.

Kei: What's going on?
Nozomi: We need to get to You-kun. This is!
Itoe: I'm coming also!!
Nozomi: Stay with Junichiro, I didn't mean to mess up your day. Let's go Kei!
Itoe: B-but...
Junichiro: Itoe-chan, let's meet again. Just tell me that girl is alright once this is over.
Itoe: Thank you so much for today, Juni-kun.

The trio slowly walked back to Nozomi's apartment and Itoe turned around to see how the girl was doing.

Itoe: She's going to be alright, right?
Nozomi: We got to see with You-kun. He'll definitely help her.
Kei: How are you guys so positive it's You-kun's little sister?
Itoe: A-ah...
Nekooni: Just...just tell him...Youko can...simply...
Nozomi: Oh, right. Itoe-chan, tell Kei-kun. I don't know the whole story.

Nekooni told her side of the story and also told Kei about Youko and every tiny detail of their plan. After Nekooni was almost dry from speaking, Youko opened the door to let them in. He glared at Nozomi then eyed Itoe before letting them all in. He was in his normal form and shocked Kei and Itoe.After the four got in, he slammed the door with a loud bang.

Itoe: W-whoa, I didn't really expect you to be...I don't know...
Nozomi: We got a problem, Youko, and well, it has to do with Nekooni.
Youko: Hand her over.
Kei: W-Wait, before I really do anything, what is exactly going on!? This girl gave me huge description, but I cannot really put it all in my head. S---

Youko swung his hand in front of Kei again and he fell onto the floor unconscious. Itoe let out a scream and then jumped a bit.

Nozomi: Youko!
Youko: It's best to keep this away from him, Nozomi-san. Now tell me what's wrong with her, Itoe-san.
Itoe: A-Ah, uhm...well, after Junichiro and I were going to go find Kei and Nozomi-chan, Nekooni suddenly fell and had hard time breathing. It seems that her heart is beating faster and she has a high fever. Something like that, but Youko-san, p-please help her!

Youko looked at the young girl again and sighed.

Nozomi: I'm guessing you really don't want to help, right?
Youko: Kind of. There's a reason that's happening.
Itoe: You're saying she's not sick then?
Youko: She's not sick. There's no one to blame for this but herself.
Nozomi: So...
Youko: She already used up all her three wishes, but she does not know that yet. She should have been paying attention.
Itoe: T-Three, already? But, she only did two. Once to get a game system since that was a test...and another was to be with Junichiro...what's the third one?
Youko: To get Nozomi to help with the plan.
Nozomi: What? I helped!?
Itoe: I don't remember saying anything to use a wish for Nozomi for help.
Youko: I'm sure you didn't ask for it either, but it was implied, maybe. I don't know myself, but I am positive it was to make Nozomi be part of the plan. I believe Nekooni didn't expect that to be another wish.
Itoe: So what can we do...?
Youko: We need her to just pass on back.

Slowly, Nekooni started glowing and turning transparent. Itoe put her hands on Nekooni's shoulder and shook her.

Itoe: Please, please don't leave! Even if I was only with you for a few days, you made my life different! Please, Kooni-chan. Don't leave!!
Nozomi: Itoe-chan...
Itoe: Youko, please! Can't you do anything!?
Youko: ...
Itoe: Please...Kooni! Don't leave yet, please! Wake up, push back, come back!!

Youko got up and then touched Nekooni's forehead. A bright light flashed in the room and Nozomi and Itoe opened their eyes after everything was back to normal. A simple black cat, with a purple ribbon around her neck, was laying on the floor sleeping.

Itoe: Nekooni-chan...?
Youko: She won't be going her world, but if it makes you happy...then I'm glad.
Nozomi: W-Whoa...
Youko: She won' able to return back to her demon form though, but she will remember...everything...that had happened.

Itoe tackled Youko and hugged him tightly. She was sniffling and crying.

Itoe: Thank you so much, Youko-kun!! I will not forget this!!
Youko: Agh!! Just...keep it a secret...from everyone else, of course.

Itoe grabbed Nekooni and nuzzled her. She thanked Nozomi cheerfully and glomped her friend. She walked out of the room and waved good-bye to Youko and Nozomi.

Nozomi: Well, that settles it right, Youko? ...Youko?

Youko suddenly fell onto the floor. He slowly changed into his human form and then smiled weakly.

Youko: I'm...sorry that I could any...better...for you, No...zomi.

The End

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