Mission 01

Nozomi rubbed her head and shook it awhile before looking at Kei with confusion.

Kei: Did you forget who Junichiro is or...?
Nozomi: No, no! I remember him just fine, but there's too many things going through my head! Why are you doing this? And what do you mean you weren't the one Itoe-chan likes?
Kei: It's hard to explain, but that's Junichiro over there. He just straightened his hair to look like me since it won't work if it was curled.

The two walked slowly behind Itoe and Junichiro and then sat down on a bench when Kei saw them in a line waiting to go on a ride.

Kei: Junichiro's hair wasn't very curly when we were in middle school. So I think Itoe got confused who was who when she first asked me out...
Nozomi: Was it also that time when Junichiro said that he had to live out of town and might have to change schools?
Kei: Yeah. I think we Itoe-chan found out, she wanted to make the last days for him to have something to remember.
Nozomi: Ah...that was also when...

Nozomi looked up at the sky and a flashback slowly went through her head.

Itoe: N-Nozomi, I'm going to do it today!
Nozomi: Do what?
Itoe: Ask out J-J-Junichiro of course!! I've always talked to you about him and now that you told me he will be leaving soon, I need to t-tell him how I feel!
Nozomi: Itoe-chan, I wish you luck then!!
Itoe: It will all work out!

Kei shook Nozomi for awhile before Nozomi got back down to reality.

Nozomi: So...why is Junichiro here then?
Kei: Because he loves Itoe-chan as much and she loves him.
Nozomi: Even with the whole identity switch?
Kei: She doesn't like me! I already said that!
Nozomi: Take it easy, Kei!

Nozomi looked around and didn't see the couple anywhere.

Nozomi: Hey, they disappeared! We lost track of them!
Kei: Damn, you want to split and try to find them?
Nozomi: I think it's best if we stick together...
Kei: Alright. The exit to the ride was ahead so let's start from there.

The two started running around to find Itoe and Junichiro. Asking people around, they didn't know they were the ones being followed.

Itoe: I guess it's our turn to be the spies, Juni-kun?
Junichiro: Heh, yeah. I'm glad I can see you again, Itoe-chan.
Itoe: Ah, I still feel so embarrassed that I accidentally asked Kei out...I really cannot tell the difference between you two except for personalities.
Junichiro: Well if I didn't straighten my hair for this, then it would be easier to tell the different between us, you know.
Itoe: For now, just keep it that way.

Behind them was a young girl in purple overalls and was giggling. She wiggled her fingers a bit and then winked at Itoe when she turned around.

Itoe: I have one more wish left...I'll help Nozomi-chan to be with Kei-kun!!

The couple held hands running after Nozomi and Kei with the young girl following. Suddenly, the girl felt a strange pressure from her and suddenly fell to the ground. Junichiro turned around and helped her up.

Junichiro: Hey, are you alright? Where are your parents?
Nekooni: I-I-Itoe-chan...
Itoe: W-What?
Nekooni: We need to hurry...quickly...
Junichiro: What's going on, Itoe-chan?
Itoe: We got to find Nozomi and bring this girl to her. Juni-kun, please help carry her! Hurry!!

The End

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