The Plan

Itoe: Hey Nozomi, I'll talk to you later! I have some errands to run, see you later!

Itoe sprinted out the classroom before Nozomi could have spoken to her. She walked out to the of the room and looked out the window. She glanced and saw Itoe and Kei walking off together. Nozomi sighed and watched Itoe laugh and smile when she was near Kei. Turning away, Nozomi left the school, straight to her home.

Youko: Welcome back.
Nozomi: ...Hey.
Youko: What's wrong? Should you not still be in school, Nozomi-san?
Nozomi: And I'm fine, really.

Youko stared at Nozomi with his yellow eyes without blinking. Nozomi shuddered and then shook her head.

Nozomi: It's nothing, really! Don't think you can get any information out of me.
Youko: Is it about Suzuhara Kei?
Nozomi: It easily shows through my face, right?
Youko: Mhmm.
Nozomi: What did you tell him to do?
Youko: He should be here any minute...
Nozomi: Uhm...who?

Suddenly the door slammed opened and Kei was wearing something completely different from the usual school attire. He was catching his breath and Nozomi's whole body jumped when she screamed.

Kei: Why didn't you stay in school!?
Nozomi: What do you mean why!? You just barged into my house!!
Kei: Let's go! Get out of that uniform! It's time to be spies!!
Nozomi: S-Spies??
Kei: Y-Yeah...oh, hey You-kun.

Nozomi turned towards Youko and saw him in his human form and wearing something that was not his yukata.

Nozomi: W-Wh-What-When....huh!?
Youko: Hey. I just told Nozomi, even though I should have told her earlier.
Kei: It's alright. Nozomi-chan...change now!!
Nozomi: Get out of my house!!

Nozomi pushed Youko and Kei out of the house and slammed the door. Few seconds later, Nozomi got out wearing a wind-breaker and jeans. Kei gestured Nozomi to follow him and the two were running in full speed. Youko walked back inside the apartment and returned to his normal form after he sat down on the floor.

Nozomi: I don't know what's going on, Kei! You need to explain this!
Kei: I'll do that later. You know that theme park that's near by?
Nozomi: Uh...yeah! They just re-opened it today, right?
Kei: Yep, you'll see what I mean once we---

Kei grabbed Nozomi and they both barged into a bush. Kei peeked out from the leaves and Nozomi was brushing the dirt off her.

Nozomi: that...Itoe-chan?
Kei: Shh...and yes.
Nozomi: And there's another Kei!! There are two K---
Kei: Shhhh!!!

Itoe was walking beside another person who looked exactly like Kei. The two were laughing and joking around while they walked into the theme park.

Kei: Okay...what the hell were you saying again?
Nozomi: T-There are two of you! One is you...and the other!
Kei: Oh, right, I forgot to tell you two. I mean, we don't exactly live with each other since our parents got divorced. He's my twin...yeah.
Nozomi: You're not lying right?
Kei: No! Why would I?! He's my younger twin brother.
Nozomi: Really, really?
Kei: Man, you're good. To see through that disguise easily...
Nozomi: Wait, what!?
Kei: You were actually believing me at first!?

Nozomi and Kei got out of the bushes and brushed off the dust and leaves from their clothes.

Kei: Let's go in to watch them closely.
Nozomi: Uhm...and why are we doing this?
Kei: You remember Junichiro Fujiwara, right?
Nozomi: He also went to the same school as all three of us.
Kei: And do you remember the only difference between us?
Nozomi: It was...the hair right?

Kei nodded and paid for two tickets into the park.

Nozomi: S-so...that's Junichiro-kun with Itoe-chan?
Kei: Yep. Not only that, I don't think Itoe-chan likes me.
Nozomi: Eh...why do you say that?
Kei: She asked the wrong person out when we were still in the same school, Nozomi-chan.

The End

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