A Whole Day to Ourselves

Nozomi: Oh, look at this!!

Nozomi pressed her hands against the large window and was looking at the video game system on the other side of the glass.

Nozomi: Itoe-chan got this system two days ago and she told me the games were amazing!! I wi---I wonder if I will be able to get it one day.
Youko: It almost slipped.
Nozomi: Heheh, oops. By the way, thanks for coming with me today!
Youko: Ah, uh, it's no problem.

Youko was in his human form to hide his fox-like features once again. Nozomi has gotten angry at him for just lounging around the apartment, not doing anything except rolling around and tinkering with all the electronics she had around the house. Youko was now walking beside Nozomi, wearing a grey sweatshirt, red t-shirt, and a pair of jeans.

Youko: These human clothes...urgh!
Nozomi: Stop being so fidgety! It looks good on you.
Youko: It's not that! It's just so itchy...I want to go back and wear my own clothes now...
Kei: Hey there!

Kei walked towards the two. Nozomi smiled and waved.

Nozomi: You remember You-kun, right? He's visiting the big city now!
Kei: Oh, that's interesting. I didn't expect you two to be here. Are you two going out?
Nozomi: WH-WHAAAT?!?! No!
Kei: Don't have to get so angry, Nozomi!
Youko: Since you are here, and I am rather hungry, you want to go eat at a restaurant?

The three were sitting at a table in the corner of a simple noodle restaurant. Nozomi sipping her iced water while Youko and Kei were looking through the menus.

Kei: Do you want anyting Nozomi?
Nozomi: Eh...it's alright. I'm not hungry.
Kei: You sure? I can get something for you.
Nozomi: No, it's fine, really.

Youko suddenly looked up from the menu and a large blarring noise like a gondola came from Youko. He instantly  changed back to his fox form and smacked Kei into the wall. Everyone around them was stopped in time except for the three.

Nozomi: Youko! What are you doing!? What's going on?
Youko: I stopped the time between us and everyone else, so no worries. Now show yourself!
Kei: I tell you, I'm the real thing!
Youko: Don't test your luck.

The human tried to wriggle out and then slowly shifted into a purple-haired demon cat. She hissed and snarled for awhile before she stopped trying to get out of the grip.

Nekooni: You got me, you got me...
Nozomi: Kei isn't in trouble again, is he!?
Youko: I cannot sense it from her.
Nekooni: He's fine, jerks! Let me go now!!
Youko: Unless you tell us what you're here for!
Nekooni: Hngh...why should I?
Youko: I can tell you're just a rookie. There's no way you can escape from this magic. Not only that, the contractor you are with is only your first. A pure beginner on this job.
Nozomi: She's also a wish-maker like you, Youko?
Nekooni: F-fine! I knew I wasn't going to go against someone so easily! I'm just here to help my contractor!! She needs your help, Nozomi.
Nozomi: Who's the person you made a contract to and why does this person need me?
Nekooni: I'm sure you know your good friend Kuroda Itoe. She's my contractor.

Youko let the cat girl go who slid down on her seat and pouted. Nozomi was in shock to find out her best friend was also a contractor.

Nozomi: Youko, what should we do!? I don't want to hurt Itoe-chan!
Youko: She doesn't need to be hurt. But if anything happens to you, I will be there.

Nekooni shifted into her black cat form and Nozomi was in awe once again.

Nozomi: So you're that cat in Itoe's house!! Why did you two need me?
Nekooni: I don't know if I should let my information out...I mean it's all confidential, you know.
Youko: Spit it out.
Nekooni: Ehhh...f-f-fine!! But get me out of this restaurant. It smells!!

Youko turned back into his human form when he tapped a leaf on his head. He grabbed the cat and pulled Nozomi out of the restaurant before he took off the time-stop magic.

Youko put Nekooni in Nozomi's arm once they left. They started walking around the city again.

Youko: Do anything and I'll bring you back to the other world.
Nekooni: Geez, talk about being a jerk! I first thought your partner was more of a jerk.
Youko: You---
Nekooni: Anyways, I'll just get straight to the point. Itoe-chan like Kei-kun. She knows that Nozomi likes Kei-kun also. I cannot finish her wish if Kei-kun does not like Itoe-chan the way she likes him.
Nozomi: So you're like a love wish-maker?
Nekooni: I don't know how to describe it, but I can make a person do whatever they want for my master if they like Itoe-chan as much or more than she likes them. That's how she got that new game box thing that she wanted to let Nozomi and Kei-kun play.
Nozomi: That's the same time Itoe-chan got you.
Nekooni: Yes, yes, she has two more wishes left. She wishes for Kei-kun, but she doesn't want to make Nozomi sad. Itoe-chan felt bad when you two just left her.
Nozomi: Well, I wouldn't have left if Youko didn't call me!
Youko: The large glass box was making scratchy noises after I clicked a few buttons. And there was this little knob that I turned and water splashed my face...and you didn't tell me what it does...
Nozomi: First of all, that was a TV!! And you were clicking the antennae box! And that knob was to turn on the shower...I wish you would stop playing around with everything that's interesting. I might have to pay extra for the electricity bill...
Nekooni: Now I don't know what to do...I really want to help Itoe-chan in this. Nozomi, please help me on this!!
Youko: Hm, I got an idea.
Nozomi: So quickly! What is it?
Youko: None of either your business. I just need to talk to Kei about it.
Nekooni: R-really!? You can help!?
Nozomi: Wait a minute, Youko! Are you sure you don't need to discuss it between us?

Youko put his hand on Nozomi's head and smacked it a couple of times.

Nozomi: O-ow! What was that for?
Youko: Just telling you now to worry.Also, cat thing, promise not to tell your master?
Nekooni: The name's Nekooni! You can call me Kooni if you cannot remember my name! And why should I make a promise about it, jerk?
Youko: Because I can easily send you back without finishing your very first job?
Nekooni: A-Alright! Alright, alright! I promise!!
Nozomi: I just found out...you only called me just by my name.
Nekooni: Because I don't like Nozomi. She made Itoe-chan sad...
Nozomi: So informal!!

The End

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