Youko: Game day?
Nozomi: Yeah, so I might come back home late, Youko.

Youko stared at the funny rectangular machine with multiple buttons. Nozomi was barely heard from the phone.

Nozomi: Sorry it's so loud. School just ended, so I'm going to have a game day with my friends.
Youko: I see.
Nozomi: What?
Youko: What's a game day?

Nozomi slammed her locker and pushed her way through the halls. The week was over and every student was ready for the weekend. Itoe grabbed her hand and pulled Nozomi through the crowd.

Nozomi: It's a day where my friend, Itoe-chan, and I will go hang out. We usually do it on the weekends, but we're going to have it today. Usually we stay at her house playing video games.
Youko: I'll see you later then.
Nozomi: Alright, bye!
Youko: How do you turn off this box?
Nozomi: Click the red button!!

Nozomi stuffed her cellphone into her messenger bag and finally got outside.

Itoe: Who was that?
Nozomi: Just my brother, he says he might come by soon.
Itoe: Oh, do you still want to come over?
Nozomi: O-of course! It's the special game day!!
Kei: Hey, Itoe-chan, what did you need?
Itoe: Oh hey Kei-kun! I was wondering if you want to come over to my house and play video games with Nozomi and I?
Kei: Is that really alright?
Itoe: Of course!

The three walked to Itoe's large house, which was thought by many to be a mansion. Itoe opened the gate and then opened the front door of her home. All three took off their shoes and Itoe huggled a black cat that had a purple bow around her neck.

Nozomi: I never knew you got a cat.
Itoe: I found her two days ago and my parents said it's alright if I kept her...nya, nya!
Nozomi: Nya...nya.

Nozomi and Kei were sitting at a huge table and the two looked around the whole dining room. Itoe had left to get drinks and the game consoles ready. The cat was roaming around near Nozomi, mewing when it looked up at her.

Kei: Clearly a mansion...
Nozomi: You think so?
Kei: Compared to your house, yes. I didn't know Itoe was this rich.
Nozomi: I guess...I find a house this big really hard to keep neat and in place. Itoe does such a great least her parents are still with her...

The room became silent and the cat's mewing broke the silence.

Kei: What happened with your parents?
Nozomi: Huh? It's nothing huge, really. They kicked my brother out and I pretty much followed him because...well, I guess that's just a sister thing to do?
Kei: Hm...
Nozomi: the way about that accident with your schoolmates...
Kei: What happened?
Nozomi: I was just wondering why you are so chill about it. I mean, three of your classmates died and you had to transfer to another school. Doesn't that scare you a bit?
Kei: Not exactly.
Nozomi: W-Why?
Kei: Well, I don't know, really. I should be frightened by the fact all the people who died are from my school, but if the school is cursed, then let it be. As long as I can get to a good school, then it's all right.
Nozomi: Ah...I just thought it would scar you a bit...
Kei: Don't worry about me. Things like that is just to scare people, right? It's just the people not paying attention and getting themselves killed. Not trying to be rude or anything about it, though.

Nozomi nodded and remembered the incident again. She and Kei saw the light turn green for them to walk, but it suddenly turned red when she saw Tsukikumo behind them. The work of a demon, mainly a demon who works with death. Kei suddenly slapped his hand on the table and snapped his fingers. The cat jolted out the room.

Kei: I forgot I had to do something! I wonder what's taking Itoe so long? I need to go though, sorry Nozomi-chan.
Nozomi: Huh? No, it's fine! Itoe-chan was the one who brought you here, so you should apologize to her.

Nozomi's phone started ringing in her bag and saw it was from Youko. Nozomi got up from her seat when Kei started heading out the dining room door.

Nozomi: I need to head out also...
Itoe: Sorry for the you guys need to leave?
Nozomi and Kei: Yeah, we have something to do.
Itoe: A-Alright then.
Nozomi: Sorry, Itoe-chan! We'll have another Game Day soon!

Kei and Nozomi left the Itoe's home and Itoe waved at them good-bye before closing the door. She slowly walked to her soft pearl pink sofa and sunk into it. The cat mewed and leaped next to Itoe.

Nekooni: She's also a contractor, Itoe-san...

The black cat morphed into a girl with short purple hair, and purple cat ears. Her purple tail was split into two and her moonlight eyes were large and looked towards Itoe. She wore a sea blue bonnet and a simple blue dress that had laces and bows. Nekooni grinned, showing her sharp teeth.

Nekooni: If you want me to get her out of the way, then it can easily be done.
Itoe: Just don't hurt her, please, Kooni. I wish I didn't have to be chasing after the person as her...

Nekooni giggled and then mewed. She patted Itoe's curly hair and smirked.

Nekooni: Well...I can help you with the use of another easily. She doesn't need to be hurt, Itoe-san.
Itoe: That's good...

The End

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