By the Way, I'm Going To the Same School As You

Itoe: Nozomi, what's wrong? You seem more down than usual...
Nozomi: Eh...I just saw something terrible yesterday...
Itoe: Oh, have you heard about the latest accidents?? It's so creepy!!
Nozomi: Accidents...?
Itoe: That's good that you did not see it. A guy about our age got hit by a truck and there was blood everywhere!! It was all over the news, it's as if the school the boys went to are cursed...

Nozomi suddenly ducked between her arms. She almost forgot that she witnessed the accident, or murder to be exact. Her heart thumped a bit and wondered if it was all her fault.

Itoe: The school got closed down so many students had to make sudden transfers...
Nozomi: Hmm...
Itoe: You must be thinking which school Suzuhara went into, right?
Nozomi: Eh!?? I should not be worried about that, Itoe-chan! I mean as long as he can go to school, then it's all good!
Itoe: We need to play videogames together again...
Nozomi: Is that all you talk about these days?
Itoe: Huh? Of course not! You were the one who used to always start the conversations about coming to my house to read comics and play games.

Nozomi nodded and sighed. Everything suddenly changed after she met Youko. Her mind was first mainly on getting school out of the way to find time to hang out Itoe, but now first priority was to watch out for Youko. Nozomi had one more wish left and it should not be wasted so easily. The bell rang once again and Nozomi blankly stared out the window, wondering what she really had to do.

The bell rang for the day to end. Nozomi went to her locker and took out all the books she needed to bring home. Suddenly, a hand patted her shoulder which led to her giving a small squeal.

Nozomi: What was tha---K-K-KEI!?
Kei: Hey Nozomi-chan!

Nozomi dropped her books. Her face was of complete shock and confusion. She hastily picked up her books from the ground and shook her head a bit.

Nozomi: What are you doing here?!
Kei: You didn't hear about it? My high school got closed because of all the accidents that happened. I'm glad you got home safely.
Nozomi: I'm more glad you got home safely, Kei!!
Kei: Well, yeah, you walked me back home...though I should have done that for you.

Nozomi looked away for a mere second. She now knew what memory Youko gave Kei. Looking back, she smiled and closed her locker.

Nozomi: It's alright. I'm fine, so we're both fine! What happened to that girl?
Kei: That creepy one? She disappeared after Yuuma Masaru died. He's in my class and the last student to die before they closed down my school.

Nozomi had shivers down her spine and she quickly turned away and walked off. Kei followed behind and threw his jacket over her.

Kei: It's already autumn, so you must be cold.
Nozomi: Stupid, it's not cold...

Nozomi walked out of the school and suddenly, it started pouring rain and thunder crackled.

Nozomi: Eeeeeyah!!
Kei: Whoa, such a bad timing...
Nozomi: Everyone is already gone...and how are we going to get through this thunderstorm!?

Kei walked back into the school and came back with an umbrella. He smiled and opened the umbrella.

Kei: We'll just borrow the school's for now. Are you sure you're still not cold? The weather here is rather strange. Rain and thunderstorms, and it got rather chillier.
Nozomi: You sure you don't need your jacket back, Kei?

Kei shook his head and put the umbrella over both of them. He walked Nozomi back to her apartment. When Nozomi handed Kei back his jacket and finally got the door open, Kei chuckled a bit.

Nozomi: What's so funny?
Kei: Oh, I just found out you didn't add sempai at the end of any of my name today. Well, see you tomorrow, Nozomi-chan!

Kei walked down the stairs and disappeared down the road in the fog. Nozomi watched him till he was gone and stepped into her home. Youko was looking out the window with a bored expression. He twirled his finger a bit after he heard Nozomi walk in. The thunder and lightning disappeared and it was only sprinkling.

Nozomi: H-huh!? That was you?
Youko: It is my apology.
Nozomi: You didn't have...ah, thank you.

Nozomi hugged Youko from behind. Youko twirled his finger again and the sun slowly seeped through the thick clouds. The setting sun hid the pink on his face.

The End

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