The group warped into Nozomi's little apartment. Nozomi and Kei were dropped onto the mattress and Youko flopped down on the ground, sweating.

Nozomi: Idiot...hey, are you okay?
Youko: Ehm...I-I'll be fine...just used too much magic...
Nozomi: Wait, everything happened so fast! Who was that girl? What did you do?
Youko: One question at...a time...

Youko was catching his breath while Nozomi sat up and saw an unconscious Kei laying on the floor. Youko sighed before looking at Nozomi and nodding.

Nozomi: What did you do to Kei when that whole thing happened?
Youko: I didn't hurt him, if that's the only reason you are worried. I just made him forget what happened. I changed his memory, that's all. He won't awake until tomorrow morning for school.
Nozomi: And you couldn't warp him to his house?
Youko: I don't know where it is. If you are specific about it, I can easily bring him there.

Nozomi wrote down his address and described the house he lived in. Youko disappeared from Nozomi's home with Kei and came back breaking from sweat again.

Nozomi: Did you get the right house, Youko?
Youko: Yeah...it was the...Suzuhara residence...did you have...more questions to ask, Nozomi?
Nozomi: B-but...you seem really tired. After thinking about it, you have been doing all these errands for me!
Youko: It's not a big...deal. You are my master afterall, so...

Youko turned away when his cheeks turned rosy on his pale skin.

Youko: I just need to grant you three wishes and be off with it.
Nozomi: So...how many wishes do I have now?
Youko: You have one left.
Nozomi: So saving me was another wish...
Youko: Yes.

Nozomi suddenly became in shock and was furious.

Nozomi: Y-You didn't have to kill anyone!
Youko: What do you mean?
Nozomi: That boy! And that girl! It was unnecessary, Youko!
Youko: You weren't specific.
Nozomi: But that is still wrong!!
Youko: I saved Kei also! I would not have minded to leave him in the middle of the streets! And that girl, do you know who she really was to that boy!? They were contractors, just like us!
Nozomi: There are others just like us?
Youko: Idiot, didn't you see all thsoe other containers on that table?
Nozomi: Do you all have the same powers?
Youko: No, we all have different wishes to grant. It was interesting to wonder how you got to choose me from all the boxes in that booth...
Nozomi: S-So...what could she grant?

Youko took a deep breath. His mouth was getting dry, but he wanted to keep Nozomi in the loop with all the information.

Youko: Tsukikumo was able to grant death.
Nozomi: Death!? That's a terrible power to use!!
Youko: Too bad Tsuki's master didn't think it was terrible.
Nozomi: W-well...maybe that's the reason of all the sudden accidents recently...
Youko: Huh?
Nozomi: When I asked Kei to go hang out with him, he agreed but he told me to be cautious of the surroundings around the school. It seems two classmates died in an accident near by his school.
Youko: That's all Tsuki's work.
Nozomi: So she's the girl who transferred into the school before all the incidents. So all she can do is just go and kill somebody?
Youko: Ah, well, she can kill them with just a snap of her fingers, but I believe her contractor wanted to make it seem more realistic.
Nozomi: Hmm...
Youko: Any more questions?

Nozomi scratched her head. She had too many questions to ask, but she wanted to keep it minimum after seeing Youko out of breath. She first believed Youko was like a genie, immeasurable use of magic where she could be able to ask for anything. But Youko was a living being. A demon, but still a living being. Who needed his daily needs.

Nozomi: Let's just call it a day. Or a night.
Youko: Huh? So easily?
Nozomi: What do you mean by that?
Youko: Well, I was sure you have more questions...
Nozomi: But you need to rest, so that's all.
Youko: Hm.
Nozomi: There's also school tomorrow, so I should not being up so late...
Youko: From this circular machine, it is on eight.
Nozomi: Sleep time then. Care to help me bring out the mattress?

The End

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