The Power of a Demon Fox

Nozomi: Save him!? What do you mean?
Youko: Do you have my container?
Nozomi: The box?

Youko nodded and Nozomi fumbled through her backpack and took out the purple box once again. She placed it on the middle of the table and looked up at Youko.

Youko: Keep this close to you. I was told that you have to stay here alone.
Nozomi: Why can't you be with me, Youko?
Youko: Do you want to save Kei or not!?
Youko: Remember when I got you your lunch, what did you do before that?
Nozomi: I was grumbling around and opened your miniature home.
Youko: And after that?
Nozomi: You were just around the corner and got me a bento.

Youko smiled after he saw Nozomi's eyes widen. He got up and patted her head.

Youko: I'm going to get out of these annoying clothes. Do not worry, I won't let you down.

He left the cafe and a waitress walked up to Nozomi.

Waitress: Here is the bill.


Nozomi looked up the clock in the cafe. It was empty and the shuffling of a broom was the only sound in the place.

Waitress: The cafe is going to be closed. Sorry, but you have to leave.

Nozomi stood outside the cafe and looked up at the warm-colored sky. She sighed and fidgeted with the purple box inside her skirt pocket.

Nozomi: He better not be lying...
Tsukikumo: Oh there you are! I need to tell you something!

Tsukikumo grabbed Nozomi and smiled. Kei ran towards the two girls and pulled Tsukikumo off of Nozomi.

Kei: I told you to leave me alone! Don't bring Nozomi into this!
Tsukikumo: So you won't believe me if I said you're going to die?
Kei: Of course not, don't think fortune telling will scare me. Nozomi, let's go.
Tsukikumo: Do be careful when you're crossing the street...

Kei glared at Tsukikumo and held Nozomi's hand. He pulled her down the street, running from the girl who Nozomi just suddenly met.

Nozomi: What was that about, Kei-sempai?
Kei: She goes to my school...and she's really creepy. She thinks I'm going to die soon, but I doubt it.
Nozomi: That won't happen.
Kei: It's kind of a stupid thing to be worried about, right?

Kei let go of Nozomi's hand when they stopped in front of a crosswalk. Nozomi took out the purple box and opened it. The lights flicked green and Kei gestured Nozomi. Hastily closing the box, Nozomi ran to Kei who was already half way from the other side. Suddenly, a large truck was honking its horn at both of them.

Kei: Huh?

Nozomi looked up at the lights again and saw they were red. She turned around and saw the girl who tried to grab her giggling. Behind her was a young high school student wearing glasses.

Nozomi: I swear I saw they were green...Youko! Save us!!

Instantly, Nozomi watched the young student who was once behind Tsukikumo get hit by the truck.

Tsukikumo: Masaru--- H-huh...!?

Tsukikumo started shaking when she saw her body evaporate from her arms and legs. She turned around and glared at me and Kei.

Tsukikumo: What the hell did you do!? You bastards!

Youko suddenly appeared in front of us and smirked. He was back in his yukata and his fox ears were perked up.

Youko: You lose, Tsuki.
Tsukikumo: You!!! You bastard! Bastard!! You idiot! Once I come back to this world, I will kill you! And your bi---

Tsukikumo exploded into thousands of glittery particles. Kei looked at Youko and was about to speak, but he suddenly fainted when Youko flew his hand across Kei's face.

Nozomi: Youko! What did you do!?
Youko: I saved you and Kei.
Nozomi: But you killed someone!! I only stated you to save us!
Youko: But you also didn't tell me to keep everyone safe. That was your own fault, Nozomi.

Nozomi smacked her hand across Youko's face. She started sniffling while Youko looked at Nozomi in surprise. Sirens were heard nearby and Youko quickly grabbed Nozomi and Kei. Disappearing from the corner of the street, the scene of the crime looked just like a simple accident.

The End

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