School Days

Youko: Oh, good morning, Nozomi-chan.

Nozomi smacked her head on the table when she tried to sit up. Youko has already laid out the table and put away his futon. Drinking from the cracked tea cup he drank out of before, he looked over the table and saw Nozomi rubbing her head from the impact.

Nozomi: What time is it? Six-thirty?
Youko: I don't know...what do you mean six-thirty?

Nozomi stretched her hand out and fumbled around to find the alarm clock. Grabbing onto the black rectangular piece of plastic, her eyes widened after seeing the time. She threw the covers off of her and ran into another closet beside the futon closet.

Youko: What...are you doing?

Nozomi slammed out of the closet dressed and was fixing the ribbon on her uniform while walking to the bathroom.Youko sipped some tea and watched Nozomi coming out of the bathroom patting down her vest.

Nozomi: I was changing. The bathroom is too small for me to change in, so my brother made another closet with enough room for our clothes and for me to change in.
Youko: Where's your brother at?
Nozomi: He's always working, I guess. He usually comes back once a month, if not once every two months.

She grabbed her messenger bag and smacked open the door to the outside world. Youko got up and watched her walk down the stairs and run towards the left; the direction where her school was.

Youko: Are you not going to have anything for breakfast?
Nozomi: I'm already going to be late if I don't run. See you later!

Nozomi disappeared from Youko's sight after a few seconds. Youko looked up at the grey blue sky. His ears twitched a bit after staring towards the path Nozomi took.

Youko: Hm. Today seems a bit strange...


Itoe: Ohsu!!! Hey there, Nozomi-chan!

A girl with short curly hair sat in a desk in front of Nozomi, who was lying face flat on the desk. Nozomi looked above her arm, then sat up and smiled.

Itoe: You're here early again. Man, I wish I can get out of bed as early as you.
Nozomi: Well I woke up at seven, so it's not that early.
Itoe: That's an hour before school starts!!
Nozomi: Well I can't ride a bicycle so I had to run here, haha.
Itoe: But still, if I could wake up at seven, that would be nice.

The bell rang. Itoe left the seat to and sat in her desk which was closer to the door and the opposite side of where Nozomi was. Kuroda Itoe was another friend of Nozomi since middle school. She was cheerful, very outgoing, and just as short as Nozomi.

Lunch came and Nozomi was sitting under a tree shuffling through her messenger bag. Itoe walked towards Nozomi and sat next to her. She was already munching on a melon bread she bought from the booth outside of school grounds.

Itoe: What's wrong, Nozomi?
Nozomi: I can't find my lunch money...
Itoe: This is your first time you forgot your lunch money, though...
Nozomi: I had ten dollars in here awhile ago...AH!
Itoe: W-What!?
Nozomi: I used my lunch money to buy something from the flea market yesterday!!

Itoe started giggling. Nozomi looked at her confused. She was holding the purple box she bought at the market.

Itoe: What did you buy?
Nozomi: This small purple box...
Itoe: Looks really nice, but I'm sure it has no use for you...
Nozomi: Yeah...

Nozomi opened the box and looked inside. The soft purple silk filled the inside of the empty container. She sighed after she closed the box. Suddenly, Itoe heard some girls crowding around someone nearby.

Itoe: Ehh, what's going on over there?

Nozomi looked up and saw a man with short silky white hair in a yukata trying to back off the girls.

Nozomi: Youko!!
Itoe: You know him!?

Nozomi got up and ran towards him. Youko looked up and waved at her. The girls grew silent when they turned around to see Nozomi running up to the young man.

Nozomi: What. Are you. Doing here?

Youko pulled a packed lunch from under his sleeve. The bento was wrapped in a red hankerchief. He dropped the lunchbox in front of Nozomi, who caught it in surprise.

Youko: You forgot your lunch, idiot. One's your lunch, and the other is for after school if you ever get hungry.

Youko walked off and the girls tried to follow him, but later gave up. Nozomi shuffled back to under the tree and sat between her messenger bag and Itoe. Nozomi opened the bento on top and saw simple rice and meat with broccoli. Chopsticks were wrapped neatly in a paper napkin beside the bentos.

Itoe: That looks better than my melon know him?
Nozomi: Sort of. Hm, I never had lunchboxes at home...
Itoe: You better eat up. I can hear your stomach growling...rawr!


Youko was walking down the street of a quiet city. Children ran pass him and looked back at him, chuckling. Older men and women were too busy trying to get to work to pay attention to him. He got to a park and sat down on a empty wooden bench. He looked up and gazed at the grey blue sky again.

Tsukikumo: And I barely knew who you were.

Youko looked back down and saw a young girl in her teens. She wore a white collared shirt and a short black skirt. She wore a black jacket and her hands were hidden behind her. Her straight dark hair reached her knees. Youko glared at her a bit before speaking.

Youko: What are you doing here, Tsuki?
Tsukikumo: I'm just doing my job, what else?
Youko: No, I just didn't expect you to also be in the human world. What's with the present-day human clothing?
Tsukikumo: Well I have to fit in, you know. Unlike you, still wearing that ugly yukata...

Youko frowned while Tsukikumo's blood red eyes stared at him deeply.

Youko: How long have you been here?
Tsukikumo: For awhile, I suppose.
Youko: How many people have you killed?
Tsukikumo: Oh don't worry about that, I have one more to spare. Too bad you cannot use it because it's for my master.

Tsukikumo giggled and turned around when she heard Youko growl.

Youko: Who do you work under?
Tsukikumo: Classified information~ I am positively sure your master will not be harmed.

Tsukikumo walked off laughing and waved good-bye at Youko. Youko sat on the bench until the afternoon. He was leaning on his arm and watched children who just left school laugh and play on the playground. Nozomi saw him and tapped his head from behind.

Nozomi: What are you doing just sitting here?
Youko: I was resting.
Nozomi: Yeah, well, t-thanks...
Youko: Hunh?
Nozomi: For the lunch! And the snacks. How did you know? And where did you get the bento boxes?
Youko: ...Classified information.
Nozomi: What? How is that classified!? Also, what happened to your ears?
Youko: Humans don't have fox ears, right?

Youko got up and stretched. He looked at Nozomi for awhile and then looked up at the sky. It had a nice light blue tint. He started walking and Nozomi quickly caught up to walk beside him.

Youko: Nozomi-chan.
Nozomi: Yes?
Youko: You think tomorrow I might be able to meet Suzuhara Kei?
Nozomi: Eh, why so suddenly? H-he's usually busy, but I'll call him tonight to check if it's alright...

Youko nodded slightly.

Nozomi: B-but wait, if you're going to meet him, you can't be in those clothes!! I'll find some clothes for you to wear. I'm sure my brother left his school uniform at home...
Youko: ...Tch.

The End

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