Fox Demon Youko

After calming down a bit, Kisaragi Nozomi poured a cup of tea for her new found friend who was slouching on the table. She slid the cup in front of Youko and sat on the other side of the square table.

Youko: How sad, the tea cup is cracked.
Nozomi: Don't say it like that as if I have to throw it away!
Youko: Your home is also really small. Where I lived, it was at least three stories high.

Nozomi sulked. She lived in a three-room apartment: a living room enough for a dinner table which can be put away to let out the futons, a kitchen with a small fridge and enough space to cook, and a small bathroom with only room for a toilet, a shower, and a sink. The apartment was rickety and mold grew in places overshadowed by the hotel nearby. Not much sunlight seeped through the windows.

Nozomi: Anyways, let's go over this again. You are a fox demon who came from this tiny purple box that I bought for ten dollars. What else do you do except take my money and make me feed another mouth?
Youko: I am able to give out three wishes.

He put up three fingers in front of Nozomi and gave a sly smile.

Youko: So what would your first wish be?
Nozomi: Hold it!!

Youko twitched when Nozomi slammed the table, got up, and pointed at him.

Nozomi: I bet this is another trick from you!
Youko: I am serious, I can grant three wishes!
Nozomi: If I ever have to grant a wish, I need to be super specific about it because if I say something vague, it will come out all wrong!
Youko: Was that what you were worried about, really?
Nozomi: But can you really grant wishes?
Youko: I already said I can. Now sit down.

Nozomi sat back down and pulled on her huge sweatshirt sleeves. The room was silent for awhile before Nozomi spoke up again.

Nozomi: Youko, was it? Are you really a fox demon?
Youko: Yes.
Nozomi: That means you can shape-shift and leave if you want, right?
Youko: Shape-shifting I can do, but I cannot leave on my own.
Nozomi: Why?

Youko pointed at the purple box that was on the table beside Nozomi's tea cup.

Youko: I am under the command of whoever opens my box.
Nozomi: So you are trapped in a box, like the way a genie is trapped in a bottle?
Youko: In a way, yes. Once my master, or you for the matter, uses up all three wishes, I go back in my box and you need to bring me back to the seller you got it from.
Nozomi: Can't I open you up again for another three wishes?
Youko: The box seems to know who opened it and who hasn't yet, so no you cannot.
Nozomi: And the other boxes? The seller was selling many other boxes.
Youko: They give other things, I guess. Specifically for me, I give out three wishes. You want to test a wish right now?

Nozomi thought for awhile before she clapped her hands and smiled.

Nozomi: I wish for Kei to come by my house!
Youko: Is that your final wish?
Nozomi: Uhm...I wish for Suzuhara Kei to come to my front door and hand me a box of chocolate...right now.

Youko leaned on his hand and smiled. Someone knocked on the door and Nozomi got up to open it. In front of her was her friend, Suzuhara Kei. Nozomi was slightly blushing.

Nozomi: H-hi Suzuhara-sempai!
Kei: Hey Nozomi-chan, how have you been? Sorry for coming at such a random time.

Kei handed her a box and then smiled.

Kei: We haven't seen each other for awhile so here's a gift from me. I'm sorry I cannot stay over.
Nozomi: Ah, t-thank you. Just knowing you came by makes me happy, sempai.

The two waved good-bye and Nozomi closed the door before squealing. She opened the box and saw it was what she asked for. A box of chocolate. She started rolling on the ground and rolled right next to Youko.

Nozomi: It's my favorite box of chocolate!! Haha, I can't believe that worked.
Youko: I thought that was a waste of a wish, but you got it the way you wanted because you were specific.
Nozomi: You told me to test it out, so I did.
Youko: Who was he anyways?
Nozomi: Oh, that was Suzuhara Kei. He's been my friend since middle school, but we go to different highschools. We don't talk a lot, but we always try to keep in touch.
Youko: Hm. That's interesting.
Nozomi: Where are you going to stay anyways?
Youko: In your home.
Nozomi: Ehh!? You can't go back inside the box?
Youko: Just so you know also, anyone can see me, so it's good your friend didn't come in.
Nozomi: Then you should hide your ears!!
Youko: I'm just staying in your house, so it's no big deal.

Nozomi placed the chocolate box on the table, got up, and walked towards the closet where she placed all the pillows and futons. She looked back at Youko who looked a bit surprised.

Nozomi: Finish the tea so I can wash it and put the table away. By the way, I forgot to tell you, my name is Kisaragi Nozomi. It's nice to meet you, Youko.

The End

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