Three Wishes

Kisaragi Nozomi is a normal high-school girl until one day while walking around the flea market, she was given a box which held a fox demon named Youko! Youko can give out three wishes, but he's no genie! He's sly and a trickster, everything a fox demon is, or should be. Nozomi needs to watch her tongue if she's going to get wishes the way she wants! How important can three measly wishes be to a comic-book loving, video-gaming, lovestruck girl?

A sunny Saturday afternoon. The flea market was huge, with booths everywhere and people crowding to look at the cute tiny trinkets and delicate huge antiques waiting to be sold. The air smelled of fish dumplings and sweet and sour sauce from the food booth where Kisaragi Nozomi was standing nearby. Pushing through the crowds of people, she found a tent that interested her. Peering down on the table, all she saw were boxes.

Round boxes, heart shaped, star shaped, and even the simple rectangulare boxes. Each were all decorated with fine silk and wrapped with a petite bow. Nozomi picked up square box which piqued her interest. Two by two inches, and about three inches tall, the box was delicately decorated with royal purple china silk which had white cherry blossom designs. It was lined with golden ribbons and a thin golden string kept the delicate light box closed with a bow.

Seller: Would you like to buy that, my dear? It's only thirty-three dollars.

Nozomi, surprised, almost dropped the purple box. Behind the table was the seller. He wore a maroon cloak that covered his whole body, even his head. He nearly camouflaged with his wine red booth, which had holes and patches. His voice sounded young, but deep. Nozomi sighed and smiled before putting the box down on the table.

Nozomi: I would love to. It's a very lovely, but I don't have the money.

She lied, but she had a good reason. Nozomi lived with her brother, but he rarely was home. Nozomi always had to clean the house and pay the rent on her own. She's still in highschool and is already fumbling with two jobs to have enough food on her plate. When ever her brother came back, he would leave a few bucks and leave, just to keep Nozomi standing.

The seller chuckled. Nozomi looked at him, wondering what he was laughing about and curious about who was the person under the hood.

Seller: That's too bad. The box had taken an interest in you, too.
Nozomi: What?
Seller: How about this, I'll give you the box for ten dollars.
Nozomi: I would't have a use for it though.
Seller: I am sure you will have use of it once you go back home and open it, my dear.

Nozomi sighed. She wasn't the type to give in, but the table was crowded except for the space where she box in her hand used to be. She handed ten dollars to the seller and held onto the box tightly. She slightly bowed before turning away to see the other booths.

Seller: Do not forget to open it when you get back home.


Evening came and Nozomi flung her messenger bag beside the table in the living room. Taking off her shoes and turning on light, she slowly walked towards the bag and rested on the low table. Trying to find the remote for the small TV in the corner of the room, she saw the purple box under the table.

Nozomi: Hm. It must have dropped when I threw my bag...

She looked at the little bow and remembered the seller's words: "Do not forget to open it when you get back home."

Nozomi: What's so great about the box anyways? I don't even know why I bought it anymore...

She pulled the thin golden string and a bright white light flashed in the room. The top of the box flew off and Nozomi dropped the box. She covered her eyes with her arms, not wanting to open them until she thought it was safe to.

Youko: What are you doing, idiot?

Nozomi opened one of her eyes and then gasped. In front of her, was a young adult with pale peachy skin who was wearing a white yukata decorated with lavender blossoms. The sleeves were too long for him, but he didn't mind it. Poking out of his snow white hair was a pair of white fox ears. His golden yellow eyes glared at Nozomi.

Nozomi: A-ah, what are you!?
Youko: I'm a fox demon. The name's Youko.

The End

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