well I didn't want children anyway

            She laughed at what I said, and took her foot off my chest. A smile was brought to those lush lips, "You're kinda funny, for a little brat. Maybe we've been a little too hard on you."

            I furrowed my face, trying not to look pained, as she offered me a hand in getting up. I expected the hand to dart towards my face in a slap. But it didn't.

            Somewhere, unseen, that dog from earlier barked.

            "Cautious, eh? I like that. You see, I'm like you: I don't want children. Especially if they end up looking like you. But c'mon, you're alright. Trust me."

            Now, I wanted to get up. Just so I could wipe that smug grin off her face. And my stomach grumbled, wanting food. It was breakfast time, after all.

            But then, as I got up by my accord, a shadow loomed in the doorway. Before I could turn around, the unseen figure spoke. Three things might have been said.

The End

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