Three Things Might Have Been Said

As a collaboration, this story has rules. First and foremost, every chapter absolutely must end with the followings words: three things might have been said. Also, the branch titles that follow must offer three unique dialogue options. The dialogue options may contain narration. You may note that this story is not called Three Things Might Have Been Done. Thus, we expect dialogue, and we expect the options to offer a variety of directions in which to move the story. The options do not necessarily have to all come from the same character(s).

º                º                º

            My mind rose from unconsciousness. I opened my eyes, and saw the sunlight shining on a gleaming metal hook at my feet. A hook? I like a hook to my day, something to keep me awake; though usually a metaphorical one. Like... a glass of coffee. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I rolled over.

            It was a hammock's hook. I fell to the ground, out of the net.

            What the heck am I doing in a hammock? What's over my mouth?

            My hands protected my face from the fall, but there was something plastered against my skin, sealing my mouth shut. I'm definitely awake now. Yet I close my eyes, bright metal again. They shone too, handcuffs that dangled a chain between my hands. I get up to my feet, leaning my conjoined hands against an upright wooden shaft.

            This place wasn't home; wasn't the inn. This wasn't the abode of anyone I knew. Where am I? Cautiously, I moved my hands to my scabbard. It was there, though empty.

            I always sleep with a weapon handy. I've been robbed! I realized. This doesn't smell of the work of goblins, though. Thank the Gods for that.

            A mutt walked by, ignoring me, and went off to find some dark corner of this building. It smelled. Like rotting food and dirty children.

            Then, a slender young woman came around the corner of the hallway as I was just beginning to get a semblance of my bearings. She had curly hair of a rich luster I had never seen before, and eyes that looked scathingly back at me. There was an expression of amusement on her wet lips.

            I gulped, audibly.

            Her feet rubbed nervously against each other, yet she smiled confidently. This woman made me uneasy. Then, she opened her lips and uttered words that caught me off guard. Three things might have been said.

The End

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