How can he be gone?Mature


I can't stop crying. I don't even want to cry but I can't stop. Pain is scrapping at my soul and I can't stop it.

Why was losing Ryan so painful? I wanted to be angry. Furious. I wanted to battle who ever took him and get him back. But not even Ebony could shake me from my tears. I just continued to cry. Its like I was being forced too.

Maybe I was. I tried to stand up but fell over and curled in on myself. "I can't stop. Somethings wrong" I sob out.

Ebony eyes widen in realisation. "Our weaknesses are being used" She mutters. "Sadness is one of yours, Rai wont consentrate when panicked and I can't settle with you lot acting strange"

"What can we do?" I say looking up at her tears spill down my cheeks.

"Think of Ryan Spark. Avoid your weakness"

The End

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