Fight among the starsMature

I watch Titan as he advances on me and Spark. Spark fires a ball of white hot metal at him, but it goes straight through him. He laughs and grabs her, throwing her against the wall. She slides down, her silver glow fading. Just me left. Crap.

I step beck and then jump, pushing away from the floor with all my power. Glossy black wings burst from my back and all I can see is tinted with black. I look at my hand and it's not just glowing black it is black. Just pure black power. I hold my arm up, palm outwards, and fire that power at Titan. He staggers back, lifting his own black wings to take off into the sky.

I fly after him, firing all I've got. A sudden light on both sides makes me turn, and I see Rai and Spark, both emanating golden and silver power respectively.

We carry on our fight among the stars.

The End

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