No mercyMature

I look at Spark and Rai on either side of me. Spark is glowing silver. I look into Rai's eyes.

"Rai, your eye's are glowing gold," I whisper.

"Well your's aren't reflecting light, they're sucking it in. And sparkling," she replies. We turn back to Thano.

He looks at us, his smile turning into a snarl.

"So, all three Stars stand against me. Even with Crystal at the height of your powers and Golden and Night at the first level, you cannot win."

"You might have beaten Thano, but you cannot beat me. I freed him, the idiot. He couldn't have escaped that cage," says Thano. Or not, apparently. He shimmers and grows several feet, throwing off the façade of Thano who apparently hasn't been here for a while. The yellow hair turns white and the red eyes more vivid.

"I am no mere fallen as Thano was. I am Titan," says the ten foot angel.

"No mercy," I hiss.

"No mercy," agree's Rai.

"No mercy at all," growls Spark.

A column of fire, a spout of water and a crackling lightning bolt fly towards Titan.

The End

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