Stop Messing with my Head! Its getting oldMature


I stare shocked at the cage. "Crap" Ryan mutters looking around angrily.

"Falcon, Ryan get somewhere safe" I say sternly. I clench my hands into fists at my side.

I feel my skin begin to burn up... aka Its now glowing.

Like a firefly. I gasp when I hear Thano's thoughts.

"Stop messing with my Head!" I shout turning on Thano whose leaning lazily against a wall. "Really, its getting old"

He glares.

"Falcon, Ryan get out know" Rai says. She waves a hand and they are flung into Ryan's room the door opening then closing for them.

I hear the locks bolt and the rattle of the door.

We all face Thano whose smiling. "Protecting the little boys are we, sweet.... It make me sick" he mutters and he did genually look sick about it.

"Ready to fight, guys?" Ebony asks and her hands light up in fierce flames. Strange she can stay so relaxed at this point in time.

"Deffinetly" I say charging electricity to my finger tips.

"Bring it on" Rai says smiling, water begins to swirl round her clenched fists.

Thano smiles and stands up. No longer ingured and clearly ready for a fight.

The End

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