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"Ebony," says Rai, putting her hand on my shoulder. "What's wrong?"

"It's me," I say, sitting up. "Weaken me, weaken my powers. I'm no where near as good as you and Spark. I can't let my feelings make me more powerful, I have to  rely on my strength. And I just can't watch you and Spark with Falcon and Ryan." I put my head in my hands.

"Ebony," says Rai, but she doesn't say more. I don't mind, there's nothing you can say, really. I go out, planning to get a snack from the kitchen, but I stop dead in the doorway.

"Rai," I call warily.


"Come here," I say, pointing with a shaking hand at the smoking remains of the cage.

Minus Thano.

"He- He couldn't have got out, no one could get out of that!" Rai protests.

"Well I don't see what else could have happened. Spark!" I shout the last word. Spark and Ryan arrive, not needing an explanation of the smoking puddle of metal on the floor. Falcon comes in too.

One word can describe out feelings right now: bugger.

The End

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