How dare you!Mature


'You are going to pay for hurting her like that.'  Seeing Ebony near tears had enraged me.

'Oh really blondie?  What could you possibly do to me?'  He looked so smug I wanted to wipe that smile from his face.

'I'm not sure yet, but while I think of something you can wait here.'

'You don't seriously think I'm just going to wait for you to come back?'

'No I don't.'  I gave him a punch to the face, edged with a bit of magic that knocked him to the ground.

'If you're trying to knock me out it's going to take more than that.'  He spat blood onto the floor.

'No I just did that for kicks.'  Using my magic I conjured up a cage that even a fallen angel couldn't escape from.  I turned to Falcon.  'Watch him if he tries anything, shout, I'll just be in with Ebony.'

'Sure, I can wait til you two are finished.'  I kissed him as I headed for the door.

'You two are so sickly sweet I could be sick.'  I sent a shock of electricity his way and his juddered with the force of it.  I smiled to myself as I went to find Ebony.  She was in her room crying on the bed.

'Ebony.'  I sat down beside her on the bed and put my hand on her shoulder.  'What's wrong?'

The End

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