Payback timeMature


"Keep him down please Rai, and stand back. It's my turn," I say, walking out of the doorway towards her.

"How am I supposed to do that?" she says, frowning. 

"Well, you could use magic, but actually I want to do this," I reply, conjuring several large weighted throwing knives and use telekinesis to put one through each arm, leg and three in his stomach. He screams in pain, and I smile. I'm not evil, but we do need answers. Rai backs off quickly.

"So, are you going to talk or not?" I ask him.

"I'll never tell you anything, you little bitch," he snarls. I snap at that. A white hot flame appears in my hand and I shove it down his throat. Then I turn all the throwing knives white hot as well. He screams again.

"Alright, I'll talk!" he shouts.

"Rai, come back, I'll need you to help me check if this is true," I say, turning to her. She comes over and I turn back to Thano.

"I was told to kidnap a star. I decided to go for Crystal first. But then she had an angel for protection, to fly her away at a moments notice. So did Golden. But ah, little Night star, all alone, perfect for kidnapping. I thought it would be hard, getting someone with powers like that. But then I overheard that idiot Ryan explaining about your powers." At this I heat up the blades again, and wait for him to continue.

"The sorcerer of the body, if I could weaken her powers... And to make things easier, she came out unguarded, so stupid of her-" More heating here.

"You know the rest. Now let me go," he says, glaring.

"No. You still haven't explained why you kidnapped Ebony. We didn't mean why Ebony specifically, but why a Star at all?" says Rai, kicking his head in a way that should have smashed his skull, if he was human. Since he's an angel, all that happens is a crunching sound, and a lot of blood. 

"Because we don't have enough power. Stars have that kind of power, we can't take over without one," he says, and I gasp. He was going to turn me to dark magic? I lose it and run, and collapse crying on my bed.

The End

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