"I'm not talking to weaklings" he hisses then smiles looking at me sitting on the couch. Everyone turns there heads to look at me.

I have my knees pulled up to my chest and one of my hands is sort of massaging my forehead.

My brains burns. "Spark hasn't got enough energy" Rai says slamming his head against the floor. I wince.

"Please stop doing that" I say. "It's giving me a headache"

They look at me. "The noise isn't that loud Spark" Ebony says raising an eyebrow.

"Well, it bloody hurts my head" I mutter. "Power keeps flooding out and it hurts"

"Sorry, thats my doing" Thano says smiling michievously.

"Well stop it" Rai hisses at him.

"No, Golden. Its funny seeing the Power one getting hurt by a measly- Ouch" I pick Thano up by his ear and swing him into the wall.

"I'm angry and annoyed so you better answer the questions put forth to you" I hiss.

I then glare consentrating on his mind making it pain form there. He begins to scream and everyone winces at the pitch of it.

"Spark stop" Ryan shouts. I stop and Thano slumps to the floor crying tears of blood.

"Now her name truely discribs her" Ebony mutters.

I know my skin is glowing silver once again and kick Thano in the stomach. He hits the wall painfully.

"Stop, I'll answer" he coughs.

"He's all your's Ebony" I say walking off. I go to my room and Ryan follows. I turn to him once he's closed the door which gives us privacy.

I let him pull me to his chest. I tilt my head up and we kiss. He pulls back and passes a hand through my hair.

"You should rest, you look tired" he mutters.

"I am.... in fact I think I'm gonna faint" I mutter just then I black out and feel Ryan keep me up.

I feel him lay down on the bed and I lie along his chest. "Sleep well, Spark" he whispers.

The End

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