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I decided I hated teleportation, my head always felt so scrambled afterwards.  But at least we had Ebony back now.  She was on her bed in the flat and I was next to her.  She hadn't woken up since we had got her back to the flat and I was worried.

The others were in the other room trying to get something out of Thano but so far he was keeping quiet and as neither Falcon nor Ryan could touch him it was up to Spark to deal out the punishment but she was exhausted from her power surge earlier.  I didn't notice when Falcon came into the room behind me.

'We need you Rai.  Sparkle is tired and can't do this on her own.'

'But I don't want her to wake up alone.'  Ebony had looked so scared, I didn't want her to feel like that again.

'It's OK, you won't be long.'  He held out his hand and I took it.

'I'll be back soon Ebony.'  Now I was faced with Thano rage flared up inside me.  I grabbed him by the throat and pushed him against the wall.  'OK then, I don't have long so you had better spill.  What is going on?'

'Ah my golden star.  You can't hurt me, your mind is all over the place I can see it in your eyes.'

'You want to bet on that.'  My hand grew hot, burning his throat and he moaned in pain.  'Let me ask that question again.  What is going on?'

'Oh you know the usual, people wanting to take over the world, big power struggle, the usual.'  I banged his head against the wall.

'Be more specific.  Who?'  He licked his lips.  I had him now.

'Fallen angels.  We're so sick of you lot lording it up on earth, why can't we have some of the fun?'  This was aimed at Ryan and Falcon.

'You can't be trusted that's why.'  Falcon was steaming.  God he looked good.  Focus Rai!  I turned back to Thano.

'That doesn't explain why you took Ebony.'

'I can't tell you that, top secret.'

'Oh yes you can.'  I cranked my powers up another gear.

'Yes tell them Thano.  Why did you take me?'  Ebony was standing in the doorway, she might have looked tired but it was a lot better than the rest of us.  I lost grip of my power and Thano escaped from my grasp.  I lept after him and pinned him to the floor.  Good job he was weak too.

'Oh no you don't.  Talk.  NOW!'

The End

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