"Wait" I say stopping them all just as Ebony's final message finished. "Somethings wrong"

"What can be wrong we know another way in" Rai says a bit annoyed. "We need to help her she's hurt"

"Calm, Rai" Falcon says putting an arm around her.

"Duck" I shout we all duck as a black flame shoots overhead. I crouch turn and create a cage of magic around Thano.

He stares shocked and I smile. "I didn't even sense him" Falcon whispers as they all get to there feet.

"Thats cause I used shadow walk so I don't understand how...." Thano's voice trails off as they all look at me.

"What?" I ask.

"Spark look at yourself" Ryan says. I look down and gasp. My skin shines like a refleting crystal but also looks like it creating its own light.

"What the hell?" I whisper.

"She's accessing her spirit..... fully" Falcon whispers.

"What does that mean?" Rai asks.

"That she's become what she should have took months to access......... that will take you and Ebony months to access" Falcon whispers.

"Ebony" I shout and rush round scanning each door till I find the fire one. I put a thin layer of Ice round my hand and yank the door open the fire melting the ice but not burning my skin.

We all run in and kneel next to Ebony. I put a hand to her neck and sigh.

"The pulse is slow but she's going to be fine..... Rai help me heal her" I say.

Rai helps me and I'm shocked at how much damage her body has taken.

"Your skins stopping to glow" Rai says. I look down at my hand and realise she's right because my skin is returning to its pale colour.

"It will only happen when she accesses the height of her power" Ryan says.

"What will happen for me and Ebony?" Rai asks and I notice Ryan has Thano contained in a shield around his skin. Falcon picks up Ebony.

"You will probably glow golden instead of silverish like Spark and Ebony will probably turn midnight black that sparkles slightly" Ryan says shoving Thano in front of him.

"We should get back.... Ryan" Falcon says.

Ryan offers his hand and we all place our hand of it while Ryan grabs the scruff of the shield covering Thano.

The End

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