Mind callMature

The door flies open and the fallen, apparently called Thano, bursts in and locks the door. He then leaves by another door, towards the back of the left wall. I hear Rai say "Hang on guys.  Is this the only door?" I stop listening and summon my last ounce of strength, close my eyes and send out a mind call.

Spark, Rai, listen to me now. There are five doors, including the one Thano just locked. Two on the left wall, one to the front and one to the back. The one which is now locked, one in the middle of the right wall and on one the back wall five metres from where I am. They're all protected by strong magic, one with poison, one with fire, one with traps. I can't specify the other two, I don't know them. Help...

My strength fades and in fall into unconsciousness.

The End

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