OK now I'm out of ideasMature

'Does anyone know what we're meant to do next?'  I sat on the floor my back against the wall and my knees up to my chest.  'I'm sure princes didn't have this much trouble saving fair maidens from locked dungeons.'

'Well, I wouldn't exactly call Ebony a fair maiden and those princes had it easy, they only had to kill a dragon or two, we have an angel who we can't kill.'  Spark took the space of floor next to me and mimicked my position and Falcon sat on my other side and put his arms around my shoulders.

'We'll think of something.'  He didn't sound too convinced.  'But to start with I think we should wait out here for a bit, to make sure he doesn't come out again.'

'So we're going to sit here for ages?'  This didn't sound like a great plan.

'Do you have any better ideas?'  Falcon was right, none of us knew what else to do, so we settled down for a long period of waiting.

We were there for about half an hour and it had been very quiet behind the door and I was starting to get worried.  Had he realised Ebony wasn't worth all the bother and killed her?  I shuddered at the thought.  He can't have killed her or I would know, the bond between us would have broken and I would have felt it.  Then a thought hit me.

'Hang on guys.  Is this the only door?'  I looked at the others.

'I don't know.'  Ryan started to look sick.

'I think we should look.'

'Good idea Rai.'  Falcon ran off followed by the rest of us.

The End

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